Yet another lag question...


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Yet another lag question...

I'm just wondering if the realm one plays on has any impact on lag, timeouts, and other gameplay issues. I noticed a little remark in my DII booklet about "choosing" a realm that provides optimum gameplay.

Well, I didn't "choose", I was automatically put on USWest. Since I live in the eastern US, this has always struck me as odd.

I wonder if I would notice any difference if I played on USEast. What say you?

Tanith :scratch:


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Uh, I chose...

And I personally doubt you would see much difference, except in the most extreme of circumstances.


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I used to play on USWest (even thought I am in the eastern US) all the time, my ping times were about 90 to 120 without any network usage. I have a 2Mb Cable connection. I switched to USEast a while back and now I am getting 70 to 90 ping times. Nothing really spectacular. What are the specs of your computer (processor, ram, free HD space & swap file size, graphics card, internet connection)?


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I dont think the realm has anything to do with it. The recent attack of spammers comming into games and advertising is probobly whats doing it. By leaving and entering games as fast as they do strains the servers thus causing extreme lag.
I used to not lag at all and now i can barely stand to be in a 3 person game.