Yet another Intro post


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Yet another Intro post

Hi there. I've been around the forums for a couple years now,although i was never really active in it. I've decided to move over the single player, and I guess an intro post is a good icebreaker. So here it goes.

Ive been playing d2 on and off for about 5 or so years(always on b-net). I recently got fed up with the lag(got disconnected while transfering stuff), and the general public on-line. So i decided to come over and join all the cool kids here in the SPF.
My Favorite char class: I like barbs(namely concetrate) do to their ultimate survivablitly, but i'm quite fond of druids cause...well....they're awsome.(who doesn't like bears...i know i do). I've only played SC, cause i play way too recklesly(hence why i like the tough characters).

Personal stuff: I'm turning 21 in december(wooo), and live in the great state of New Hampshire. I don't have much in the way of other interests, but i do enjoy a good football game.

That's about it for now. I'm looking foward to the single-player life.



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Since no one has commented on your chosen handle, great movie. It is one of my wifes favorites.

Welcome to the SPF. :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: Here is a pair of shin guards with goalie pads and 12 inch concrete blocks attached. They are a little heavy but, they do the trick. Don't forget to read the stickies and watch out for the squid. If you see it, head over to the EMB and we'll try to help deal with him.

While you are there, have a drink on me.

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Well lets see if I can find em...hmm....lemme rumage around this real quick...ahhh, here are my steel plated boots!

*Kicks shins*


Welcome to the spf!

-I am made out of gold


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Welcome to the SPF, make sure you hoard your sanity, as it is in short supply...

Weeeeeeeeee! Wahooooooooooo! :jig: :flip:


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*Dances and bobs with neumein!* :jig: :flip: Us Aussies are really cool, except for the fact it's summer over here in about a week. :wink3:

Hi, :wave: and welcome to the SPF! Yay! Another birthday soon! I'm 21 in January, so happy birthday for December mate! Cakes and drinks will be free for you on that day, and you can have a second drink on me, after FoL's of course. :)
Any after that can be put on Durf's card... It should be floating around somewhere.

I have to...: May I ask where did the name come from? :)

I've been a little slack on my welcoming so I hope this makes up a bit for it.

Again, welcome and enjoy your stay!



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Well, thanks for the warm welcome.

Drystan: The name comes from the movie "Tommy Boy", staring the great Chris Farley. And all those who have seen it will probably agree, an awsome movie.

Thanks again for the welcome,


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p.s. I couldn't think of anything funny or smart to say, I've let everyone down!