Yet Another I'm Back post


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Yet Another I'm Back post

Hey all,

I'm rugruth, I posted here in the past. I was mainly a lurker so I don't expect that you remember me.

I left SP about 1 year ago, when I got my ADSL. Recently I made a giveaway with my old stash.

I thought I won't be back for a while, but, damn u guys make a lot of interesting tourneys, too much of them :D

So I'm back to SP. Hope I can help someone here and have lots of fun.

About me. I'm from Spain, 29 years old. I played a bit on official bnet servers, but I found them waaaayyy too boring due to the dupe, cheating and such. I've played online mostly on non-official servers, with less players and cheats (IMO).

Oh, my rl name is Pedro but you can call me Rugruth :)


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Welcome back Rugruth! I want to thank you too because I got 5 very useful items from your giveaway. :thumbsup:


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SPF ni okaerinasai (welcome back to the SPF)!

Oh, my rl name is Pedro but you can call me Rugruth
People with this name are the best, you know.

Ps: My rl name is Pedro too, but you can call me Vargas.


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Welcome back, even though I don't remember you. :) Probably you didn't spam enough or something...


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Welcome back, (tough I weren't here when you left), I hope you'll enjoy your stay.


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Welcome back! I remember you.

Good luck if you plan to participate in any of the tourneys :)
I think we must attach a bungee to all leavers that im forgetting, they're all bouncing back!
Welcome again! enjoy your stay, dont leave again, or we'll set the squid on you!