Yet another greenie among us...


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They're just handing out Mod jobs to anyone these days -_-, what happens if everyone was a Mod?

Looks like aragorn and Shinnok have equal power now...


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Raistlin Majere said:
Everyone Run!!!
WTF? I just finished posting and you posted same time as me, the hell? So weird.... *shivers*

and why are you running away? He's just a harmless Mod with a weird stick and a PPK...


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Double 0 Nothing we'll all get "Bond pwns all" added to our posts.

Ah well, Shinnok seems mostly stable and he ought to fit right in well as a mod there.


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wow another one?

well don't be surprised again b/c i think we'll gonna see yet another one in these forums for u.s. east trading soon since xircon announced that he is looking for another mod. :thumbsup: