Yet another Diablo Clone story (from a bonemancer's perspective) d


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Yet another Diablo Clone story (from a bonemancer's perspective)

So I was bored with pvp and decided to take my bonemancer out on a mf run. I made a private game and was mid way into chaos sanctuary when i saw the soj counter going up like mad. "2012 sojs sold to venders...2013...2025...2036" Immediately my interest was piqued, and I thought I was gonna see my old friend D clone again. The last time we met, the Soj counter went up only 5 times before the cunning lizard decided reveal himself. And like before, I was eager to greet him.

All went well until the counter stopped cold at 2045. I waited a while longer for him to show and passed my time killing the various monster packs and the act bosses. I went to the pit, I did a trav and a meph run, I soloed baal, and still no D clone. What was going on here?

A half an hour later and the counter remained at 2045. I figured all the clone hunters must have given up and looked elsewhere. Dissapointed, I left the game but came back thinking: "what the hell, the servers still hot. I'll throw in the dice and see what happens." The dice, ladies and gentlemen, turned out to be a 7. Immediately after the counter went up to 2046, I got the message :"Diablo walks the earth." My Soj proved to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

I went to the dark woods and there he was. Where Treehead used to be, the clone now took its place. The prodigal son returned. :) I greeted him with a smile and 5.2 K dmg spears in his face. Nothing happened, his life bar didn't even go down. At the same time he couldnt hurt me either cause my resists were all above 200. It proved to be a stalemate; I couldn't hurt him and he couldnt hurt me.

I thought to myself :" Oh its like that. Ok, I'll play your little game.", and brought out my 9k damage hammerdin. He was my ace in the hole, the same hammerdin that dispatched him once before with a zon. Only this time, he was alone (no friends were online at the time). BAM BAM BAM, hammers were flying and the firestorm was raging. It was hell in the dark woods folks. And still, DC refused to go down. He was regenerating faster than my hammers could damage him. Once again, the battle turned out to be a stalemate. Now I started to get a little worried, the worst case scenario is I would have to call for others to help, but thats never going to happen. I am going to solo DC for the first time. Nothing is coming between me and that anni DC holding in his pockets like so many nickels and dimes. Just as he was determined to survive, I was resolved to beat him.

At my wits end, I brought out my Blizz sorc, and she did what my bonemancer and hammerdin couldn't do: actually damage DC. She was running around helplessly, screaming "OMG OMG," and staticing DC when hes not busy throwing lightning at her. On more than one occassion her life went below 100 but she remained steadfast. When staticing no longer worked, she dropped snowcloud on him. This time it seemed to do the trick, and DC started to buckle under the pressure. He was losing.

The battle lasted about 5 minutes and like before, he dropped an anni charm: 12/17/5. Not the greatest anni in the world, but its an anni nevertheless. And it would be a pleasant reminder of how I had beaten DC with no help from anyone. :D

*ps* I found a wall of the eyeless in that mf game. Man I've been looking for one of those forever. Just an icing on the cake I guess.

Till we meet again.


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TPMdm said:
Well written, but I was hoping to hear how a bonemancer beat DC want to hear a bonamancer who beat DC eh?

Come gather 'round granpa necrochild 'cause it's time for a story

*sits down in rocking chair*

I'll tell you how I did it back in the days when 1.10 first came out....

I waited for him to spawn. Kept my nec in the game for a few hours and he popped up. I immediately went to the arcane sanctuary trying to spawn him as the summoner. No luck, seems quest superuniques can't take on the form of DC. So i decided, what the hell? I'll go through that little portal and fight him in the palace cellar lvl 3. So that I did. He spawned as Fire Eye.

I got some screen shots that I can post of some of the fun :D. But i'm at work now so I'll post em later.

In a nutshell I had blackhorns and tgods on, max resists and a rising sun ammy. I also kept my bone armor up (for the lightning attack deals physical damage as well) I killed him just about standing still. I had a javalin I purchased with a "fools" mod (for the huge AR bonus) and I sent a couple at him until I finally hit him (I had something that added cold damage so he turned blue for a second when I hit him, so I knew when I did, either that or the little blue "puff" when he got hit, I can't remember which one it was :scratch: ) for the PMH off of blackhorns.

I kept him in bone prisons (he broke through quick) and spirited his happy *** for some time and he finally dropped.

The anni was
16 stats
20 resists
8% exp gain

I was happy with it :p, and even happier about EARNING it by myself, as pallidium pointed out :)


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Necrochild313 said: want to hear a bonamancer who beat DC eh?
Note: I wasn't calling into question my favorite chars ability to beat DC, but when I click on a thread that says "Beating DC from a necro's perspective" I was kindo expecting to hear about how it happend :D

Thanks both for the storys. I really want to hear more about DC fights. We've all done Diablo in his sanctuary, so fighting him in the blood moor, etc. is really cool. It's the reverse of the guest monsters in Act5! We get a guest boss in any act of our choosing.

One question for all you DC killers:
Diablo has one of the larger graphics in the whole game, would it be possible to get him to spawn as corpsemourne and get him stuck in a narrow passage in the Den of Evil?


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The only really exciting fight against D Clone I've had were the first 3 times we met. We had a 3 man group, 1 barb with a Prevent Monster Heal weapon, 1 Necro for LR and Prison, and me with my first ladder character (meteor/orb sorc) as the main damage dealer. We died plenty of times due to most of us having negative resists at the time.

The next time we met I had my smiter paladin with Dracul's Grasp and 90 all res with absorb. He's beaten DClone 3 out of 3 times alone without dying once. Just click and hold smite.


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TPMdm said:
One question for all you DC killers:
Diablo has one of the larger graphics in the whole game, would it be possible to get him to spawn as corpsemourne and get him stuck in a narrow passage in the Den of Evil?
I know for a fact that he can spawn as corpsemourn, because I've spawned him there myself back at the start of 1.10. Of course, that was when I had all negative resists, really crap items (my best item was a +2 sorc skills magical orb, I was a sorc), and he spawned with 6 other people in the game, all who were probably worse off than me stats/items wise.

it was funny for a while... the dead bodies would pile up and pile up.... I must have seen my character's name on the minimap in over 15 places at once at one point. the whole minimap was filled completely with red names. finally however, we got tired of getting clobbered while doing no damage, and gave up the fight. BTW, this was within the first couple days of 1.10, so no posted information had been released about PMH working on DC.

Since then I've bagged 3 anni charms, and helped kill a fourth DC for a friend. But I still remember the hilariousness of fighting DC when 1.10 first came out.


PS: the point of my longwinded post was that yea, he can spawn as corpsemourn, but I have never seen him get stuck inside the passages.


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Necrochild nice story, just wondering the dmg on your BS's, when i fought
DC i couldn't scratch him :scratch: