Yes! We have no bananas.

come back zinc

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As a responsible adult-type human, it is important to engage in social activities with other humans. Community involvement fosters... forget it... I'm just putting this out there to rot in the sun, peel and all:

ESU #3: Coming July 2015

You can run this game on a toaster these days. Anyone want to spend two hours a week pushing boulders up a hill?

:falsely optimistic tears:

come back zinc

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No kidding, Yogi.

Probably Mondays 10-12 EST (if people from West Coast are involved, like you) or 9-11 EST if just East. Start date undecided. If this rots, I'll go solo (or with spacemole - maybe MYK too, have to see - I'm sure he can be convinced).

Fire Claw Bear is coming out of retirement.

come back zinc

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I'm not sure responsible adult-type humans are allowed to play this game, by definition.

Unless something chaotic happens, I'm in.

Server? Theme? Dress code? Safe word?
Everything is chaotic by default. I wonder if the old school code boxes still work?

HCLEast (that still exists, right - otherwise we need to ditch the E in the ESU) / Builds you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing a cab with / Venus in furs or other Warholesque attire / Severin?


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Did this thing end up happening? I'll be back in the states starting in a couple of weeks and would be interested in this if it panned out and I was around.