Yes!! My first Windforce!


Yes!! My first Windforce!

Woo hoo! My totally untwinked level 84 plague / LF zon just got me my first top class item EVER in the Pit, level 1. Note to all - kill EVERYONE in the Pit - this thing dropped out of nowhere, some random boss.

Wow. I was just hoping to get more cash for gambling. I see a strafeazon in my future. I predict the Pit will see a lot more of my bidness. Note: My MF is almost negative, it's so low.

Man! I'm sure I sound like a total newbie, but so what? I've played the game for YEARS with good but not quite great items, and I'm friggin' PUMPED right now!

- Noodle

stats: (Probably weak, but whatever)

Damage 35 - 500
20% IAS
+ 250% Enhanced Damage
+ 262 % Max Dam (based on character level)
7% mana stolen
+10 strength
+5 dex
Heal stamina +30%


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Now, if I can only get that lucky.... my amazon needs a better bow quite badly.


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Found my first WF today... only 6%, but it's all mine... was using lvl 85 LF/PJ zon, with minimal MF (37% War Travs and a Rhyme shield is only MF...) Dropped in Ancient Tunnels... maybe there's some bug in 1.10 regarding Noodle-named zons getting WF's to drop (can't wait to see the barage of new noodles flooding the realms trying to exploit - lol!)... was a one-player game, too...


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Last night was weird..

Here are the items that I got last night for about 3 hours of short MFing pindle and pit. It was strange enough to talk about.

2 set lacquered plates, unique ghost glaive, uniq balrog skin, a gheed's fortune, uniq legend spike, uniq tiara, 2 uniq battle cestus, bunch of cruel rares with nice mods (some over 300%), over 10 dual mods small charms, a dozen of exceptional elites that I threw away on the ground.

I do really a lot of MFing, but last night was weird. How the hell is MF chance so tightly focused to this short amount of time?


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Windforce... bah... Kuko Shakaku is just as good!
I'm not jealous whatsoever, I've found at least 10 WFs in the years and years of MFing, killing Pindlesking, Baal, Frozenstein and wading through the pit. :grrr:


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Congratulations on the wf find! it's always exciting to get such a rare elite unique :thumbsup: