yeah.. so i'm bored and all..

Mm. There's been too much hype against affordable medication going on for me to really invest much faith in news like this. Especially when the offending company has their web site temporarily shut down instead of being held accountable.


Well, I WAS trying to kill time by trying to get back my pal status.

*sniff* I want my pal status back! I can't send more because stupid PayPal won't take my credit card! Argh!

Wasn't Sarge doing some dealy for the non-Americans here who wanted to donate?


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Akira said:
i think you can use bank cards to donate via paypal too.
I tried doing that by using my account, and it didn't work. I think someone said that you can only do so if you live in the US.

Anakha, if I remember correctly, there was some legal concern that the admins had about Sergeant's donation thing. I could be mistaken, but that's what I last saw.
I'll rescue the thread.

That is very bad because some helpless people would get those patches then have sex and get pregnant and either have the kid or get an abortion or adoption and thats a lot to go through and its bad.