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Next year in computer club (which consits of me and 1 freind, he's the president, I'm the VP; we're probably going to get more members next year, but we had only 1 meeting because the teacher who's the adviser is lazy and kept makeing excuses) I'm going to help design the school website. the main problem is that I dont know XHTML (or HTML), and my freind knows only a little bit. So: can anyone reccomend a good book to learn XHTML from?

edit: DPH, i said "book". i.e. something with paper pages, so you can, you know, read it when you are away from your computer. Google is not a book, and i think i would get good reccomendations from the people in here, which is why i asked you guys.


Learn HTML In A Week

It's the book I used to learn basic HTML... it's slightly outdated though...

I just keep a basic bit of HTML knowledge that I use occasionally, so I can't really be of too much help.


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For xhtml you just have to remember to close all your tags , don't put a paragraph inside another, things like that. Also now:

<br> becomes <br/> etc.