Xen Foro and admin privilages


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I've been away for while, my computer had to be resetted and I lost all my chars. So I decided to go check up on some guides again. But when I click on some of the links on this forum, + some of the links I saved I get forwarded to a site with Zen Foro, that requires me to log in and then I get the message I don't have admin privilages. I know I don't have them, and I don't want them either, but why do I need those to just read the builds and information? It wasn't like that last time I visited here.


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The last upgrade de-linked everything. The mods are reconnecting the guides in their sticky posts. If you do a couple searches you should be able to find what you're looking for, most likely. If you do please place a link here so we can reconnect them all more quickly.


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You can usually fix an old link on these forums by changing them according to the pattern of what they are currently like.