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Wyatt Cheng interview by Chinese fansite Cain's Corner

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by saintmek, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. saintmek

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    Cain's Corner(d3cc) released an interview with Wyatt Cheng at Blizzcon, and I'm here to bring some highlights about this interview, because they mentioned about the Chinese server and PvP.

    China mainland Server
    • Blizzard is still working with authorities on the censorship part, just like what they did with World of Warcraft. It takes time, but definitely they are trying to make mainland server launch. (Most Chinese players are now playing on US and Asia server, and they are always having connection/latency issues)
    • Mainland server is coming SOON.

    • Wyatt Cheng said the team found out a good PvE game couldn't be a good PvP game. So they couldn't just make a PvP like they did on Blizzcon's demo 3 years ago.
    • Because some skills and items made the game almost impossible to play well in PvP condition. Such as the wand make Wizard have unlimited teleport, and Witch Doctor's infinite DoT skills. These things are fun for PvP, but breaks PvP.
    • Seasons and leaderborad is an alternative way to compete. They will improve seasons and bring competition enviroment in Seasons as goal.

    Future Patch and Contents
    • A lot of new things are coming in 2.1.2, such as new class sets, new maps and new monsters as they released on Blizzcon panel.

    Length of Seasons
    • They haven't decide when the 1st season ends, but will notice the community 30 days before it ends.
    • Wyatt said he isn't making a promise, that is what they would like to do.
    • If the season is too long will get boring, and too short is making player feel not worthy to invest time on seasons.
    • Ideally, 2 - 5 months per season.
    • Some players thought seasonal legendary is lackluster, Wyatt said they will always bring new items and contents each season, so players would always have new builds and gameplay.

    Greater Rifts and Issues
    • As players complain about high ranked GR is very unfriendly to melee classes, Blizzard is going to adjust in next season. After 26 level of GR, monster's damage and health will be reduced.
    • As well as ancient legendary, they have 30% attributes boost than normal legendary so players could have more toughness to survive.
    • Conduit pylon is now the only way for Barbarians make a good record in leaderboard. Wyatt said they would like to buff other pylons rather than remove or nerf Conduit.
    Class Balance
    • Demon Hunters seems a bit overpower in GR, but Wyatt says Marauder set is their power source.
    • Rather than considering nerf DH, Blizzard would like to buff other class' set item to bring them into the same level.
    Blood Shred
    • 500 cap for Blood Shred is just enough for their opinion.
    • It is for prevent players have many runs between Kadala and the blacksmith/vendors.
    • Increase this cap would bring new problems, so they are not planning to do so.

    Two-Hand Weapons Boost
    • The damage boost for 2-hand weapons are good.
    • Blizzard is not going to buff one-hand weapons.
    • Wyatt said what makes a legendary out stand others, is the legendary affix. Some affixes may always better than others, but they would like to bring more legendary affixes to give players more choice.
    Legendary Gems
    • Blizzard have more ideas on gems.
    • They don't mind affix competition on amulets/rings.
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  2. Cirth

    Cirth Diabloii.Net Member

    May 25, 2014
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    so... no pvp after all...
    I guess I farmed 2 years for nothing :)

    We're basically farming so we can farm even faster and that's supposed to make sense...
    If I knew 100% there won't be anything more competitive than that in the next expansion, I would stop playing today already. Sure this doesn't ring to non-pvp players, but I'm still hoping Blizzard will give us the Arena one day. The only reason why I keep building up my DH is this small hope.
  3. clueso

    clueso Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 16, 2011
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    than why the f*ck are they making items that break the game so badly that you can't make PvP?!?!?
    I would prefer they remove these items & let us have PvP

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