wwsin compared to wwbarb

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wwsin compared to wwbarb

hmm maybe this thread has already been posted somewhere owet there i haven't look thru all of them but mite as well take a shot ye? i was thinking if i were to build a wwsin and pvp with a wwbarb my ww would be teewinkle compared to the barbs ww ye? no? cause i would be getting my ww skill from an item while the barb has it naturally ye? Thanks ahead for the insite.


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A chaos claw gives slvl1 whirlwind. A barb can easily get slvl20+.
Damage and attackrating goes up with each level. Also, an assassin is limited to using claws while whirling, while barbs can pick any weapon (and usually picks one with higher damage). Add to that the barbarians axe/sword/polearm/whatever mastery, and you got yourself quite a nice damage.
I do not say that assassins are bad though, also they got the venom skill, which is helpful, but in general barbarians dish out more pure damage.