WWS-strafer with CTA, equip question


WWS-strafer with CTA, equip question

I recently was able to make my very own, 100% legit CTA in hardcore ladder :clap: . To my dismay it rolled with only 2 BO :rant: .... Anyway, I was planning to use it on the only character I really play, which is my WWS strafezon. Obviously, I want to boost the BO abit, and therefore have to complement my equipment with some + all skills, while still keeping the 9/2 breakpoint (PvM only, I don't think it is superimportant to hit 8/2). Here is what I had planned:

Switch 1: 2*Shael upped WWS
Switch 2: 2 BO CTA crystal sword, Lidless (obviously Spririt would be better, but even eth Monarch has str req of ~140, and she is nowhere near that strong atm)

Armour: Scarab Husk Fortitude
Helm: Andariels with 15 ias jwl (preferably with nice other mod, ED or max)
Amulet: Maras (or should I get a Seraphs, the only other amu with +2 all skills?)
Boots: Wartravellers
Belt: Razortail (Maybe if all the + skills give nice pierce anyway, I may change this)
Gloves: Crafted hitpower with 20ias (maybe also with mana leach and/or passive/magic skill if I can get it)
Ring 1: Ravenfrost
Ring 2: Any ring with mana leach, preferably with AR, str and res. If mana leach on the gloves, then something else, maybe another Raven, or even a Bul Kathos for the skill?

With this eq, she will have 95% ias and 10-11 BO, which gives 65% life and lasts for 135 seconds. She will also get really nice resists, so I can fill the stash with mostly max/ar charms and some skillers (and some complementary res-charms). She will also get ~+65 strenght, so she might even be able to equip an eth Monarch spirit for an additional 1 skill.

What do you guys think? Will she do allright?


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Congratulations on the Call To Arms, even with +2 BO it's still pretty sweet. I sure hope your Strafer will do alright, cause mine will have nowhere near the gear you have, so if your can't cut it, mine's gonna get slaughtered:) Or in other words you'll be fine.

Instead of using Andariels, you could use Stealskull if you're going to MF a lot and the 10% IAS won't hamper your speed.

I would definitely go with Mara's...the resists are supernice, the stats are nice and the +2skills will really help your passives...much better than Seraphs.

For boots Gore Riders are better than Wartravellers...unless you're going to MF.

I'd stick with Razortail..even though I don't think Pierce is super important on a Strafer, the added damage is still nice, also has some very decent other mods.

Very nice setup:)


Thx for the input Chimaira! :)

I think I will go for the Andy due to the +2 allskills, that will make her BO just that much better :thumbsup: (and I think that loosing 10%IAS would take her below the 9/2 breakpoint?)

Yes, I was thinking about the Gore riders too, I dont have any atm though. She already has almost 100% deadly/critical, so I guess the question is if 15% CB + 10%OW is more worth than the 15-25 damage on the WT. A big pro with the gores, however, is that they have no mf, making it easier to look for socketables.

With my setup she will, as you noticed, have IAS "to spare" (86% for bp, she will have 95%), so I could take out one of the Shaels in the WWS and put in a 15 ias/nice second mod jwl.

I guess "all" I have to do now to make my dream come true, is to get my hands on a Lo... (and an Andy, but those are not too expensive). I have a tradelist in the trade forum, so hopefully I will soon be able to aquire the wealth for it (without having to sell my self-found 26% Mara, which would really be a shame).

[EDIT] BTW, that is one wicked avatar you got there :yep:


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I think that wt are better overall since they add to your damage!

And if u need more LL try nosferatu (adds to str and slows monsters) and with andariels visage + wt you can use cta + spirit on switch to prebuff your life!:p



OK, I am very happy with my WWS strafezon, she kicks monster behind almost everywhere in hell 1-player. However, she is not really strong in higher acts (or cows) in multiplayer games. Hence I was planning to make some changes to make her a real killing machine :cool:

I was planning to retire the cta and put the WWS on switch, depending a bit on what you guys think.. I am not uber rich, but i do have a few resources. And I can sell the CTA and maybe the mara too.

Here is what I was thinking (* is stuff that i already use):

Switch 1: Shaeled WF or a Faith if I can afford it (GMB/MB?)
Switch 2: Shael 15ias/9max upped WWS*

Armour: Scarab Husk Fortitude* (rolled max res :clap: )
Helm: Andariels with 15 ias/9max jwl *(planning to exhange jewel for 15ias/30fire if possible)
Amulet: Highlords or Maras*(26res) or Cats eye or Atma (need input here)
Boots: Wartravellers*
Belt: Razortail*, or do i need ias here?
Gloves: Crafted hitpower with 20ias + some other mods* . Trying to get a pair of hitpower passive/20ias. (maybe dont need knockback if i have the wf though..)
Ring 1: Ravenfrost* (17dex)
Ring 2: 111AR 3%ML + other mods rare*
*Annihulus (12/15/5) mix of PM skillers (3 of them, with dex or life), max/ar, max/ar/life and res charms.

Plan is to use WWS for smaller monsters, or to get amp when needed, or for the magic arrow, or when i really need those 40 res. Not sure of the bp for WF or GMB/MB Faith, but i think for a PvM ama, I should aim for the 9/2 break point. She is a pure strafer/FA zon, so multi will not come into play. (I will not rebuild). Also, she is at HC, so I dont want the res to go too low.

Was also plannig to get a Pride for my merc (he is wearing eth andy/ral, upped shaft and great poleaxe obedience now). This is actually my first priority and I will use my resource to get this before I get Faith, or even WF.