I am trying to understand the damage done by WW.
From what I read there are 1H + sword breakpoints of -10, -35, and 2H nonsword -10, -30, -60. And the number of hits you get per whirl is your range + breakpoint. How do these break points translate into hits, is it :
-10 = 2 -35 = 3
-10 = 1 -30 = 2 -60 = 3
then add weapon range ?

Doesn't this mean IK maul is not the best for WW since the range is only 2 ?

Is WW an area of effect, or single hits like zeal ?

Also what is a good weapon for a poor person. Reason I am asking is I want to start a barb. I am quite happy to go without a shield. I have :
1. IK maul + belt + helm
2. 377ed 8%mana leech 100-200 light dam rare Spetum upgradeable to elite I hope to yield 412 damage.
3. Swordguard.
4. 278ed Balrog blade.
5. LightSabre.

BTW I play ladder SC on Asia 1 since we poor Aussies have no bnet server.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


ummm i heard you gotta put 2 15 % ias jewels or sheals in ik maul to hit 3rd bp

hope this helps somehow :scratch:


Umm yeah I know IK maul needs 30IAS. I was hoping for more info on WW damage, primarily to work out the highest damage rate weapon out of what I have. Viperfork could now be the option since it has the longest range + fast breakpoint of any weapon in the game for WW. It has base speed of -10 plus 50IAS giving -70 which is the last breakpoint plus it has range 5 giving it 8 hits per whirl ? I guess I would socket it with an Ohm if I had one.
This would give it the same damage as IK maul but nearly twice as fast since IK maul only get 5 hits even with 2 shaels in it.

Update on possible weapons :
6. Nord's Tenderizer
7. Viperfork


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The best possible 2 handed weapon is an eth BoTD (insert elite 2 handed polearm that can hit last bp). However if your poor ik maul is pretty good. However, most prefer one handed weapons because you can use a shield. Try trading for a decent ccb thats been cubed in .09. There really cheap these days and can have decent damage.


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And to answer your base question, yes, it's IAS break + range for hits per whirl. Thus, it is likewise true that IK maul is not the best whirl weapon, but people are very fond of the skill in general, and so they like using the maul, even though it only gets 5 hits per whirl.

I'm not quite sure on the single hit v area of effect thing, as I'm no expert on whirl mechanics, so i can't help you there.

Out of the weapons you listed, i'd say That viperfork and the spetum look the most enticing, since they have the large range and fast base speed. Viperfork is probably the best of them all, since it hits the last break and has the range, as you mentioned, plus the poison damage helps combat monster regeneration rates. If you manage to get all the pieces of the IK set though, it can be very, very powerful, so you might consider it as well. I'm not super fond of it myself though...don't like the glow, lol.



Thanks Hal.

I just found an unlikely winner here from a weapon I forgot I had. An upgraded Hone Sundan with 3 shaels makes the 3rd breakpoint and range 5 but has more damage than an Ohmed Viperfork, and has 45 % crushing blow to boot!
I am going to throw my viperfork in the bin.
I think this weapon might even be better than a Tomb reaver.
45% crushing blow with 8 hits per whirl this sucker owns an IK maul and is usable at 7 levels lower.

Only downside is the 163 dex needed for a ghost spear. I do not understand Blizzard's ideas on spears. Yari has str/dex req 101/0, but when you upgrade to elite it goes to 122/163 !!

Hmm it also has self-repair, an ethereal one would do up to 419 average damage. This is the almost the damage and speed of BOTD but with 45%CB.


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On the subject of WW, can anyone find a listing of what effects apply to WW?

Example: I know poison dmg charms carry over, and I know the pnova on Botd does not. But what about CS, DS, CB, OW etc? I'm not having much luck on Arreat Summit or here.


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All base effects work, all cast-on-strikes/kills do not. So OW, DS, CS, and CB are good to go, but curses like life tap/amp/weakness/decrep, and spells like pnova and such don't.