WW / Zerk skill placement


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WW / Zerk skill placement

Any suggestions? I'm really lost here.
My first char in US EAST, so I have to play with what I find.


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but i knew that.

it's very very difficult to get a head start with a barb is all. u need a million things to make em work: nice weap, good leech, dr, res....


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Both builds are pretty much cookie cutter builds.

Maxx WW
Shout BO
Do as you wish with mastery, some max some dont, but since you have no weapon you might go without mastery for a while.

Zerker (if all out Zerker)
Max Zerk
Mastery (after figuring out weapon)
Warcry (and effeective lvl)
Use howl, taunt, B Cry, and maybe grim ward

My Barb, only lvl 79 is a strange sort! It is an experimental build and I dont recommend it but here it is, and I should work on him more.

Max WW
Max SHout
Max BO
MAxing Zerk

I have no mastery! Reasons:

Critical strike is only 20% maxed and can be replaced with CB, DS from gear like gores.
The AR from Mastery cna be replaced with gear for WW, and Maxed Zerk is very high AR and will be excelletn anyway. There is a good amount of ED that is lost and not easy to regain, but melee now is more about crushing blow than anything else.

This leaves points to get various skills including a high NR and be able to put on a lot of DS and CB gear as well as AR gear.

Now, why didnt I just go all out Zerker and forgo WW? Well, I wanted a diverse build that can do many things and I really wanted Max Bo and Shout to give to my friends and party memebers and I also wanted the longer lasting BO due to having shout and bo. An all out Zerker has no real use for shout.

Why not just go WW? Well WW blows cheese in many areas. WW with a Barb now reminds me of haveing an Average CCB or LS and trying to kill cows. You never really killed many cows but you could tank them for casters to kill in mass. Well, now that CB is so much more effective, if you have a good CB number you can actually hurt things pretty significantly while having an overall low damage listing.

I sort of decided on this build after I hit lvl 75. When I first started otu it was going to be a plain ole WW barb with some weapon. I wanted a good Zerker Axe but one never came. By the time I hit lvl 75 I had all these skill saved for a mastery, and had a bunch of stats for whatever weapon I found. Once I started doing some Baal runs I realized my WW was useless at least 33% of the time with oblivs except i could WW single targets and be ok, and my lvl 1 Zerk, although killed wasnt really all taht great either. When there were no oblivs my WW was very adequte with my tiny 166 max damage sword and I knew it would be better with a good weapon.

So to make myslef more effect (not a leech) I decided to go for the maxed Zerk and remain masteryless and I dont regret it.

Now I have a Doombringer and he is pretty effective with it.

Now, from what i ahve seen he ole two hander has seem to make a "comeback" vs the old SnS. Wiht the increased damage of a 2 hander Barbs can kill more effectively. With heavy use of howl, BC, WC, Taunt, and Ward Barbs can sort of get the monsters to do as they wish and single out bosses or thin packs. The WW Barbs 1 point zerk wit a 2 hander is much more effective than that of the one hander, but of course no block.

Crushing blow is king, and whatever you can add to the build in CD is very good.