WW swords for physical immunes


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Hi All,

My whirlwind barbarian is currently using oath in an eth balrog blade and a crescent moon in a legend sword. I have the useful one point in berserk that handles the odd physical immune quite nicely, but he gets annihilated by those boss ghost packs.

I've done some searching and the general advice seems to be berserk or a lawbringer runeword to handle them. I'm hesitant on the sanctuary aura as that will eliminate the ability to use find item on those packs.

Has anybody had experience using other swords to solve this problem?



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If you insist on using WW to deal with PIs, I would suggest to trigger amplify damage and static field in some manner and if it breaks PI and halves their life, kill them with a quick weapon that also deals a bit elemental or magical damage. Maybe Crescent Moon plus Lacerator at first and then dual Lightsabers or Azurewraths?

However, you would have to carry and exchange two weapon/shield sets just for PIs which would annoy me a lot. I think it's not worth it. It's probably better to either avoid them, kill them with berserk or to keep them at a distance with something that invokes the sanctuary aura. I usually choose the first, but I guess that's not an option for youin this case, else you wouldn't have asked.

I think the only way then would be to keep on using berserk. PIs are often mana drainers as well, so if they mana-drain you, drink a mana potion (ro rejuv!), so you have super-quick mana replenishment for some time and you hopefully can kill those tough ghost boss packs in time.


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Ah, I shall try the lacerator, thanks for the tip. The unique phase blades have eluded me so far.

I was hoping to just have the other swords on switch, I'm currently using 2 x spirit swords on switch for the extra battle orders levels, so I may end up missing them if I drop them. Soon to find out!

My merc is currently using obedience, but I will try out the reaper's toll. I didn't even think to look there.

Thanks for the tips guys.


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The Reaper's should be permanently on your merc. There's no need to fuss with special weapons when you have Berserk.