WW Breakpoint question


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How to figure out WW breakpoints

On WW there are 2 breakpoints, -30 and -60.

Only the IAS from the weapon itself counts. No other equipment needs to apply.

1) Take the weapon's base speed (which you can find on Arraet Summit). For war pike, refer here (it states war pikes are 20% base).


2) Apply the IAS bonus % from the weapon itself. You may increase IAS bonus from runes and jewels. In the case of BOTD, you get 60%.

So BOTD warpike has 20% -60% = -40%. You only reach the first breakpoint.


I believe there are 3 breakpoints for 2 handed weapons: -10, -30, -60.

What you want is etheral superior ghost spear, there is no other real choice, and curse you having the runes to make BoTD :lol:

Next best weapon is Hone Sundan preferrably ethereal, and upgraded to elite.