WW/Berserk Hybrid?


WW/Berserk Hybrid?

Both skills are synergy-less, maxing the two of them, plus BO and Mastery would be killer for PvM no? Not to mention a great bot killer. Kinda weird how there's no guide for it.


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Berzerk does have synergies, and I think the general consensus is that because the skill is a one at a time attack, it's far more powerful with at least one of them maxed. But I could be wrong.


Oooo, that was dumb of me. Somehow in my mind Berserk had no synergy, maybe because the last major Barb I had was in 1.09.
Well, but since one of it's synergy is Shout, you could max WW, Berserk, BO, Mastery, and put the rest in Shout, depending on your target level, you could potentially max Shout.


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Of course it would work, and it also would work fine.
Normally, a barb with good equip, maxed mastery+ww and a few points in BO does the game very fine.
Add Berzerk (even at slvl1), and you will be able to take out phys. immunes as well as kill while under IM curse.
The build would work fine, as long as you have decent equip. (but that goes for most melee builds, they are pretty equip dependant)


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finally someone sharing my thoughts about this. actually i have a 2 handed (pole)pvm grim warden (thats what i wanted to call my never written guide :)).

my main skills are ww, zerk, howl, grim ward (in this order). skill distribution looks something like this:

ww: max
zerk: max
howl: 15
shout: 15
bo: max

2 Heart Carver on switch for grim ward, item find.

1 in all i point wonders (increased speed isn't that advisable but imo it doesn't matter that much in pvm).

you need a good pole for this to succeed. high ed bonehew being the absolute lowest option. the better the pole, the better the build.

all those points in zerk and synergies seem overkill cuz zerk is strong from the first point on but being able to take out 70% of ALL wsk monsters (incl. pi of course) with one hit is priceless.

i do >14k zerk dmg with decent ds and 6k ww. i use him to clean wsk and soften baal for my mf sorc (he's damn fast) and to pi55 ppl of in baalruns with grim wards :D


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The reason it generally isn't done, however, is because you can only use one attack skill at a time, and thus 95% of the time you'll find you're not even using the other skill, making the points invested there useless. Since berserk gets synergized by shout, people normally just drop one point in it. Even then, it does more than enough damage to handle PI/IM enemies quickly, and lets you dump your points somewhere that would be used more often, like ironskin.



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i usually use ww a lot but nontheless for bosses/champs/act bosses, pi's, oblivion knights, any enemies with high life zerk is my prefered skill.

from my own experience i have to admit that ww became my main skill when i got a high end pole. before that zerk was #1. and believe me: a high dmg zerk is so much better than a 1 point that the investment is well worth it. it solves all problems a ww barb has. and 1 hit killing large monsters is pretty cool! Besides howl is a really neat skill when used well and can compensate for lower def. especially when monsters are in small rooms.

a ww barb is more or less immortal anyway with halfway decent gear and more points in iron skin are simply not necessary and won't really add fun to this build like zerk does. passives aren't really fun imo.


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All you need is 1 pt in Berserk to dispense of those pesky PI monsters. What's even better is if you use a Grief zerker.. your foes will die in a matter of 1-2 hits (even in 8 player games). I'd recommend maxing Shout, too, since it's both a synergy of Berserk and very party friendly skill.

- Terry