ww barb weapon choice


ww barb weapon choice

Im playing a ww barb and cant decide between 2 weapons:

42-159 (100.5 average)
+5-25 light dmg
base speed [0] +60% IAS (shaeled)

104-223 (mine)(163.5 average)
+3 barb skills
55% deadly stike
base speed[10]

I've shael'ed hwains bill so it reaches the last bp. If I shael'ed pierres, it reaches the first one.
according to the weapon speed calculator
hwanins: 6.2 attacks/sec = 623.1 dmg/s + 31-155 light dmg/s
pierres (shael'ed) : 3.1 att/s = 506.85 dmg/s

I am doing the wrong calcs? seems that hwanins bill does more damage than pierres, I dont know how to calculate the 55% DS, but I think that +3 iron skin/nat res/ww/mastery/BO would help
What do you think?
btw, Its HC
HC with no shield??

That aside, I'd go with the hwanin's for the chance to cast ice bolt or whatever, freeze target is incredibly useful.


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Well, DS gives you an extra 55% chance at double damage, but your mastery is giving you a chance at CS too, so it is a bit complicated. Would need to know your Mastery level to be exact. Assuming it is close to max, you have around 20% CS chance with the Bill, and about 65% with the Partizan.

That means you can multiply your effective Bill dmaage by 1.2, and the Partizan dmg by 1.65.

Not only that, the Bill is range 3 and the Partizan is range 4. I forget exactly how that works but the higher range is better.

That pretty much gives the lead to the Partizan on a pure physical damage basis. The lightning damage on the Bill looks OK written there, but remember it is not going to get scaled up by some huge number (your str bonus and your skills bonuses + any merc aura) like your physical damage is.

The only other things to think about are that even though the Bill is doing less damage over time, it is hitting more often, which means more hit recovery for the monsters, and more chance of any "chance to cast on striking" items firing off.
Slower hit rate also means a more uneven damage rate - if you do little hits more often then a couple of misses don't matter as much. If you go with the Partizan, you should worry about AR more.

I'm not sure I answered your question, but I have certainly made it more complicated :)


The AR is the reason why Im still using the bill (and still have to reach act5 to socket pierres)
anyway I have 8x% chance to hit stuff right now and maybe I see what happen with pierres
hwanins give me 300 AR, but pierres give me %AR from ww & mastery
and I have mastery maxed
Thanks for the info Thrugg


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if you use Hwannin's bill and wear it in conjunction with the armor, you get decent defense for mid-level as well as the armor's incredibly handy chance to cast lvl 13 (i think) static field. with a fast attack and, this is approximately equal to an equal chance to cast crushing blow, but it effects all monsters in a radius depending on the slvl. so, if you've got the armor as well, that might tip the scales in favor of the bill. of course, the other option is to test the two. ww your way through a pack of monsters and see how long it takes to kill equally sized groups with both weapons. best of luck!