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WW Barb PvM build

Discussion in 'Classic' started by BamBam, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. BamBam

    BamBam IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2012
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    WW Barb PvM build

    So I've been rethinking my barb and how to use a restat. I think I've used up 2 already, so this is my last one (yikes!).

    My current set up is on my lvl 84 barb is:

    Helm: rare with 10fhr
    Armor: Twitch with 20fhr
    Ammy: Angelic
    Ring1: Angelic
    Ring2: rare with 5ll
    Gloves: Bloodfist for 30fhr
    Belt: Bladebuckle for 30fhr
    Weapon: Bsnap
    Boots: Goblins

    With this gear, I have 90fhr to hit breakpoint. Not necessarily great resists in hell. With bo, I have 3900 life and 200 mana.

    Stat points were just enough str to wear items + rest into vit.

    He has:
    20 ww
    20 bo
    20 shout
    20 mace mastery
    1 pt berserk for phys immune
    1 pts in each iron skin, nat res, faster r/w, pre-reqs

    Problem I have is lack of mana and not enough dmg. There's only enough mana for a few ww's and he's constantly chugging pots. WW into mobs of monsters is a problem for me.

    I'm re-thinking his build and instead of focusing on fhr, I'm going to focus on res, leeching and more damage. I believe the leeching is dependent on the damage dealt, so higher dmg = more leech back. The angelics should provide enough ar to hit most of the hell cs monsters with high enough %, so I won't need to use points on dex. If I have ~200 str points, my hope would be to leech enough life and mana that the lost vit points won't be missed. Plus I'm adding a shield for blocking and boost resistances.

    This is my proposed build.

    Helm: rare with 10fhr (will look for one with res and as much life as possible instead)
    Armor: Angelic
    Ammy: +2 rare barb with 3ll
    Ring1: Angelic
    Ring2: rare with 5ll and some res
    Gloves: Hand of broc for ll and ml
    Belt: 3res belt
    Weapon: I have a 1H/2H rare sword with 160ed and 5%ml (I could stash the shield and use it 2H for more dmg too, so that's a nice option to able to switch back and forth). Has 170str and 110dex requirements.
    Shield: adding a 3soc pdiamond shield for res or ward
    Boots: Goblins

    Here's some options that I'm considering.

    Armor and Ammy options:
    silks + anglic ammy and get +75 life +mana leech and and still have +1 skills. I would lose out on 1 skill + some res. I actually think the +2 barb ammy and angelic armor is slightly better due to the additional skill provided, but then I don't have much mana leech throughout, unless I use the rare sword and it's only 5%ml.

    Boot options:
    Could switch out goblins and go for 3res boots if I don't have max res, but will lose out on the 25cb. I'll likely keep goblins unless the res is needed.

    Weapon options:
    Bsnap is 2H 160 max dmag and provides 40cb and some res with somewhat low req's
    Rare sword at 2H is 210 max dmg (or 1H dmg is 110 and gives me the ability to use shield) with high req's

    I'm also considering making him a conc or frenzy barb (never tried either). They are both mana friendly. If I went with either, I could use the points in a synergy instead of weapon mastery. Mastery damage goes up 5% per point and frenzy synergy dmg is increased 8% and conc is 5%. So if I used only 1pts in masteries and rest of points into a synergy instead, I'd have nearly the same dmg increase, but have the flexibility to switch to martel or mace if I find a new weapon like a +2 mart with high dmg.

    I guess worse thing that happens is if this build doesn't work out, I'll convert him to xpac and then could use tokens to restat. I also have a classic sorc that's down to her last restat.

    Many choices, any thoughts in narrowing down my options? I just want to make a smart decision since it's my last restat.
  2. Lorg

    Lorg IncGamers Member

    Jan 25, 2007
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    Re: WW Barb PvM build

    Simple yet effective cs build -> full angelic with 2 rings, sigs gloves and belt, gobs, tarn or 3 sock mf helm. Any 150+ ed mart socked with PS. If you do not have martel de fer -> use snap until u find one and swap 1 angelic ring for dual leech ring or manaleech ring if u cannot find dual leech rings. Get your str to 170 -> then vita until u got 2700 -> then rest str. Skills max ww, mace mastery, bo, 1 in inc speed around 5 to nat res. atleast 15 to find item. Rest skill wont matter much so u can place em as u will. Conc and frenzy are not good choises in classic.
  3. sorcerben

    sorcerben IncGamers Member

    Sep 20, 2012
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    Re: WW Barb PvM build

    my whirlwind barb is in sinlge player and has a 123-200 damage martel. Even with the low damage, he can still do diablo runs ^^.

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