ww assasins only good for pvp or pvm?


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ww assasins only good for pvp or pvm?

Are WWassasins only good for pvp or pvm? some guides say that its good in pvm others say that its for pvp. So which one is it?:scratch:

If for pvm i know it needs crushing blow but wat about for pvp?
WWsins aren't that great for pvm, especially in bigger games, because:

1. they don't do that much damage.
2. their weapons cost a lot to repair.

In smaller games they're fun but there's nothing you can do about your weapon's repair cost.

They, however, perform well in pvp if you have the right gear and good dueling skills. Two common variants of wwsins are ghostsin and ww/trapsin.

In pvp you need open wounds. Chaos + Fury provide more than enough ow that a wwsin needs.