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Arreat Summit said:
Deadly Strike
This is a chance of doing double damage. This bonus is applied after skills such as Critical Strike and any other damage bonuses. Critical Strike (CS) and Deadly Strike (DS) exclude each other.

If you have a 33% Deadly Strike item, and 68% Critical Strike Skill the complete chance to get double damage is:

=CS + (DS/100)*(100-CS)
=68% + (33/100)*32%
=68% + 10.56%
It is possible to get up to 100% chance for Deadly Strike. Anything above 100% is discarded.
I underlined the key concept for you. Welcome to the forums.


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oh cool thank you...
edit:so if my character screen says i do 1000-1500 and i have 100% deadly strike do i really do 2000-3000? or does the character screen include it.


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No, I do not think the CS includes it, as it is purely chance, and is considered a chance even at 100%+. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I wouldn't rely on the CS too much, it occasionally outputs the wrong numbers.

Arreat Summit said:
Attack Damage - The first field represents the damage for the action assigned to your Left Action Icon, while the second field represents the damage for the Right Action Icon, regardless of whether the action is an attack, a skill, or a spell. The higher the number, the more damage your character will do per attack. If a field is blank, the action assigned to that slot does not cause direct damage.

For Thrown and Melee Weapons:

Final_Min_Damage = Weapon_Min_Damage * (Str + 100) / 100
Final_Max_Damage = Weapon_Max_Damage * (Str + 100) / 100

For Bows and Crossbows:

Final_Min_Damage = Weapon_Min_Damage * (Dex + 100) / 100
Final_Max_Damage = Weapon_Max_Damage * (Dex + 100) / 100

Total Damage:

Minimum Damage = (Weapon Minimum Damage + (+x To Minimum Damage)) * (1 + StatsBonus + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100) * Modifier
Maximum Damage = (Weapon Maximum Damage + (+x To Maximum Damage)) * (1 + StatsBonus + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100) * Modifier

+x % Enhanced Damage = all +x % Enhanced Damage from different items (jewels in armor/helm/shield, Lionheart etc.) and skills (both your skills, and others auras and Heart of Wolverine). +x% Enhanced Damage versus demons/undead is put here as well. -x% dmg from skills like Weaken, Taunt (monster only) and Battle Cry is put here. If monsters have no StatsBonus or Skill Enhanced Damage%, then -x% dmg will lower their dmg by the stated amount. When they have an aura (Might/Fanatacism), the -x% reduces the skill Enhanced Damage%.

'+x To Minimum/Maximum Damage' in this case is from items other than the weapon (armor and charms).

Damage +x (ie, The Redeemer) is the same as +Minimum/Maximum Damage, with the +Minimum and +Maximum being equal to the amount shown. The Character Screen does not take Damage +x into account when calculating total damage.

StatsBonus = a damage bonus you get from your strength and/or Dexterity (depends on what kind of weapon you're using). Hammers (War Hammer, Maul, Great Maul and their upgrades) : 1.10*str / 100 Daggers, Throwing Weapons and Assassin Claws: (0.75*str / 100) + (0.75*dex / 100) Bows and Crossbows: dex / 100
Amazon Only Spears/Javelins: (0.80*str / 100) + (0.50 *dex /100)
Other Weapons: str / 100
Rounded down to 0.01 accuracy (ie, for Hammers 157 Strength is a StatsBonus of 1.72)

Default = 1
Multiple Shot/Strafe/Lightning Bolt = 0.75
Critical Hit/Deadly Strike = 2
Blade Fury (1-handed weapons) = 0.75
Blade Sentinel/Blade Fury (2-handed weapons) = 0.375
Blade Shield = 0.25

+x % Enhanced Damage jewels in weapons enhances the weapon damage directly, but if you place the jewels in armor/shield/helm, the bonus will be added along with the Stats-bonus and skills.
But to answer your question, if you have 100% Deadly Strike, and presumably do 1000-1500 damage, then you deal 2000-3000 damage (excluding the defensive properties of the thing you are trying to hit).


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On a final note, Deadly Strike and Critical Strike work the same (double physical damage), the only difference is that they don't stack and are distinctly checked.