[WSCL] Ubering Today?


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[WSCL] Ubering Today?

Now that ladder is about to reset, I got my uber hunting kicksin almost finished.....

I have 2 keysets, no uber experience, and quite adecquate uber gear. It'd be really cool to have someone with experience sorta show me around, and I am missing 1 piece of equip I'd like to have before doing it more on my own; my faith bow for my merc (if you have 4os bow, I really wants to trade you for it).

Also appreciate any feedback on my gear:

Last Wish Phase Blade, Phoenix Monarch
switch: double bartucs
Helm: Rare Tiara +2skills, 30 Str, life, mana, 30 FRW, 15IAS Jewel
Armor: CoH
Belt: Nosferatu's
Gloves: Laying of Hands
Boots: Shadowdancers
Ammy: Highlords
Ring1: Carrion Wind
Ring2: Ravenfrost
Anni: 17/14/7

It's not max CCB at the moment cuz I had to use the tiara for my STR rather than guillarmes, but I might get the charms to switch that. Does it matter that I only have 63% CCB?

I calculated IAS and with a faith bow with even minimum fanaticism I'll reach the 7/3 breakpoint w/out using Burst of Speed.

I need to double check my resists (temp banned atm), but at one point I had +100 extra, but I think that was with a different helm and now I'm not quite that high.

Is it real important to use mind blast and cloak of shadows while ubering? How much life is ideal to have? I'm prolly a little short of life scs right now.

Thanks! Lemme know if you wanna uber today!


Road Ratt

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Re: [WSCL] Ubering Today?

Hey, I'll message you when I get back on I have a smiter that can help uber and I have lots of experience.