[WSCL] Help me end the monotony...


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[WSCL] Help me end the monotony...

I've been playing d2 for a while, but took a break for a bit, and now everyone I knew has burnt out or whatever, and is no longer on. Trying to find reliable buddies directly through b-net is like looking for supermodels at the DMV...:yuck: On the other hand, folks around here seem pretty nifty for the most part.
Nowadays, I play somewhat sporadically, and mostly mf/keyhunt... Just looking for some people who might be down to mix it up a bit, and more importantly who aren't like your standard battle.net specimen. My primary account is *turinz, and I'd love to hear from you!

...Oh yeah, I'm currently on dial-up:sleep2:, and so my rushes tend to be a little slow...Fair warning.


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Re: [WSCL] Help me end the monotony...

ive been playing for 2 weeks now got a lvl93(about to be 94) mfer.
Account names: Dupontt & Dupontt2
id love to mix it up a little bit as well