wow.. something I never noticed about D2.


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wow.. something I never noticed about D2.

D2 has amazingly good ambient sounds! o_O

Only thing is, normally they're so low you won't ever hear them much at all.

Here's what to do do listen to the awesomeness:

1.Turn the music off.

2.Go somewhere where there is absolutely no enemies around.

3.Turn the volume up REALLY loud.

4.Wonder why Blizzard didn't implement a volume control for ambient sounds ;_;

These sounds actually make D2 into a moody game all the sudden. Too bad if you have the volume that high and meet an enemy your ears will cry in pain.

So anyways I have a question to anyone out there who is into modding D2 and such. Is there any way I could "hack" the game to increase the volume of these ambient sounds? Like extracting all those sound files and upping the volume and then packing it in again? And if I did could I still play on bnet? (cause I didn't alter any datafiles right?)

Would just be so awesome.. it became a totally new game for me for a while there before I had to turn down the volume again.


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Diablo 1 sound effects/music >>>>>>>>>>>> Diablo 2 sound effects/music

tristram music + cave music = teh pwn


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my fave sounds is walking around andariels monestary at the top, all those crows mahahahaha :)

just sounz full mad :)


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I agree with you, TheGreatDivorce. Playing Diablo II with earphones for the first time really is an awesome experience, and to anyone who hasn't done it yet I'd recomment it dearly!


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Psyrus said:
Just wait until you browse through Act 3. Act 5 at night is interesting also.

Act 3

Night falling up in the wilds; flayers calling incomprehensibly in their native tongue, shadowy figures in the undergrowth swaying to and fro, the half glimpsed glint of moonlight off their vicious knives, the frogs and otherworldly hoots and twitters, the gentle patter of blowdarts off yer heavy armour and rain!

Act 5

The squeak of the bunnies! My God!!


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Yup, I was shocked after adding Sound Blaster's latest Audigy board.

I was like.. wtf.. this cave actually sounds like a cave now.

Still need to get 5.1 for the computer