Wow I'm so lucky... and Maximum Orb Sorc


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Wow I'm so lucky... and Maximum Orb Sorc

ok first a lil story..... my friends keep bugging me to mf cuz i never had to mf before and my friend gave me ohm, vexes, and zods for all the annihilus's i found (like 30 of them) so i never had to mf. i had my pk chars and i was satisfied. so one day i was buggin around for a shaft for my merc so all my friends bug me to mf. so i buy mf stuff, the usual tals belt, armor, ammy, shako, occy, ss, war travs, nagels, and chance guards. So i mf for about 100 runs. Run #21 windforce. So i was like wow this is great i wonder why my friends dont get this stuff and why the keep buggin me. So next run #53- death fathom 29% this find made me think of all the fun i could have with a maximum orb sorc. and then at run#75- another wf ^^ jus peachy ^^ so after that lol story of mf.... i am supa lucky. ok now on to my proposed guide (btw how come u only got 2 guides stickied?)
So for maximum orb, all u pro sorc ppl out there come and twink this for me.
Nightwing Veil, faceted
Deaths Fathom, faceted
ormus robe faceted OR enigma? (str=vit here ppl)
Bk ring
Faceted ss or shael ss?
War travs
what gloves?
annihilus and some cold charms, some resist and life charms
for pubby i'd have CtA on switch
for merc- 60 ias armor, andys hat, Wf
20 FO
20 CM
20 Ice Bolt
15 warmth
10 teleport (save as much mana as you can orb sorc is all about tele dodging)
now do i need much into ES? is it better in 1.1?
you kno the stats..... i'm going to be blocking
Ok so i need some feedback please. Thx in advance


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Thunderstorm. It rocks o_O.

Maxed TS and LM can help alot. However, you may not get to max both of them if you put so many pts in teleport. :lol:

Orb rocks. O_O


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ES is different in this patch. better/worse, who is to say.

now (if you have max res), you really really need a high lvl telekinesis because of its synergy.

for armor i would advice against enigma, its biggest selling point doesn't help you out.


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Go with Chains of Honor for armor

I would just get Cold mastery to -200% then I would focus on Maxing Telekinisis and one point into Eshield, use frosties and sojs for extra mana and actually put some stats there.


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idk how much +skills is available, but a -200% CM is wasted. the max that will be effective is -195% and that only against DC. and this a lvl 36 CM. not that that is hard to get to, but it is hard if you don't have the best equip.


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Where would this be pindle? I had a few lucky drops at pindle too, 2x tal armor, 1x IK armor, eth unique barlog spear, doom, couple of other stuff, but nothing really hitting the mark of a D-Fanthom. Too bad WF ain't worth nearly as much as it used to. If this was 1.09, and nothing was duped, I would have congratulated you on the WF Find. But hey, D-Fanthom.
I wish I was you...I mainly PvP too, but after a million pindle runs, the only good stuff I get is charms...


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ok so yes i do mf pindle, 200 more runs yesterday yielded nothing but a dragonscale, and a ethreal rare poleaxe with 700 dmg (merc stuff). anyway, whats wrong with enigma? +2 skills, 85 str=85 vit... whats wrong with that.... and also the dr and inc life... only thing about chains is resist, which i got covered for now. Also, why isnt -200% cm good vs players? how far will -200% cm take them? and if it capped, wont the -200% be useful if they try to stack resists? Please put your 2 cents in. I dunno about TS.... seems a little 1.09-sih and not as effective-ish. TK things sounds good tho.... i will have around +13 to all skills base, and room for cold charms. Is nightwings or shako better? shako=life+mana, nightwings= dmg. Also, i will have merc for pubbies, rogue with wf, 60 ias armor, and andys mask. Will that suit pubby pk, or will it be useless? Someone please put more input i like all your replies. Maybe if i get enough info i can write a maximum orb sorc guide... Unless there already is one... jus not stickied. Thx


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You got a deaths from pindle?? ....

anyho, is this PvM or PvP? You wanted a merc so i guess PvP :)

Well your idea does blow alot to me :p 63 FCR minimum

Max Cold Mastery
Max Ice Bolt
Max Frozen Orb
Max Telekinesis
1 Point in E Shield
Lvl 20 Warmth after +skills

Dump your excess elsewhere, i prefer to keep on maxing warmth/e shield

Since your pub duelling, youll need max res good block and fhr (something everyone forgets :S)

Heres my setup:
Deaths Fathom 34% (cold facet)
Chains of Hono(u)r
Sanctuary +69 res all
Eth sandstorm Trek +15/+15
20% Nightwings (Cold factet'd)
Crafted +2 sorc 15%fcr +stat +mana/life/mana regen amu :]
Arachnid Mesh
2 SoJ's

7 coldskillers with +3x life
3 Coldskilelrs with 12 fhr
1 Annihilus
8 Vita charms
1 Balance charm (5%fhr)

With above setup i have at least 63 fhr and 80 fhr, enough to survive teeht/bonespear, excellent res, and adequate orb damage (~1300)

I usually switch alot out aswell;

vs Necros: If pub duelling and they try and absorb lame your orb, go one step above and use Slow Missiles on sanctuary, then repeat after me "gg owned kkthx~".
Otherwise, in a balanced duel there is no contest, your 80fhr ensures teeth deaths wont occur. If your struggling, try and tele around the necro in a circle then once in a while, tele next to them and orb, usually they wont expect this and die pretty soon. Else if theyre bone spear spam friendly try and tele away and get them to (tele?) come near you, then do the trick of tele next to them and orb. most necros ive duelled dont even know what fhr break points are :p If you are still struggling because of low hp/mana, then forgo Sanctuary for lidless (extra mana/fcr) and Chains for Ormus, a 115%fcr should be overkill =D

vs FOH: (If its pub duel anything goes, if its friendly, make sure you're not completely nullifying their attack)

T-Gods for arach
Frosties for Magefists
Wizardspike for Deaths
20% wisp Projector for a SoJ
[Giving me enough res to overcome conviction and still maintain 63+fcr]
Other pallas (read smiters/hammerdins): Tele away and orb behind you, they're either arrogant enough to follow you and hopefully die, or if they put on absorb, theyre are going to do little dmg/low fcr, so tele in a circle and orb in the centre tactics)

vs other sorcs:

To stand any chance vs a skilled sorc you need to forgo your res and get 115%fcr, otherwise youll need luck to win,

Ormus for chains of hono(u)r (20% of course +3 warmth/eshield)
'Eth' Lidless for Sanctuary

Youll have around 14xx orb and excellent tele, try and tele twice and then orb in the direction where you think your opponent is going to tele to, ie not towards him! this is the most common mistake i see in pubbie sorcs, its not about orbing your opponene but anticipating
There is NOTHING better than seeing your opponent tele into a 14xx orb and die :D

vs Trapsins: Same with FOH pallas, but your good res/fcr/fhr ensures you should never lose this, go with the anti-Foh setup of:

T-Gods for arach
Frosties for Magefists
Wizardspike for Deaths
20% wisp Projector for a SoJ

Remember, -res doesnt work on traps, so perhaps only 1 absorb is needed for a fair duel? Most ive duelled die in one orb unless they are full on absorb (in which case your absorb and res > theirs)

vs Anti-Mage kicksins/WW sins

How overhyped are these classes? Once again your fhr/fcr ensures you shuold never die to them, tele about alot! What i tend to do is tele between two arbitrary spots (i.e. A and B) and orb in between, in order for them to damage you they must venture in between a and b, and not even 60% claw block saves them from your orb. If they have superb res (and your duelling in norm/nm) there is a chance they will nullify your attack, so you could ask them to tone it down a bit for a challenge, or resort to wand of lower res ;)

vs Charged Strike Zons

You dont even need T-Gods, they normally name lock you, so tele 2 screens, orb, then rinse and repeat, t-gods if you're losing alot of mana.

vs Barbs

Normally, barbs are no problem, but if theyve got 4xx cold res, enigma and botd BA, theres almost nothing you can do, save for tele two screens away from barb, orb in the direction away from him (ie the direction you are heading) then tele that way, so the barb is running (teleing?) into your orb, will do little dmg vs a full on absorber but continue until they insult/town run ^^. Make sure you dont get close incase they namelock - tele you, wands of lower res dont help much either, its a shame you cant get decrepify charges on wands....

vs Wind druids

Theres no point in talking about ww druids etc, not worth mentioning :p Ok tele wind druids, the bane of casters, the single reason cold sorcs arent played anymore :D Theyre res is normally crap, so what i find is to use the same tactic vs barb, orb away from them and tele into orb etc.

If they're arrogant (arrogant wind druids? never) they might try and tele ontop of you, if this is the case, then orb in their direction and tele away, keep plugging at this, theyll take no damage but if they forget to recast then once the armour goes theyre dead in one hit!

Against a skilled wind druid (read cookie-cutter guide reader), you have little chance, you dont want to go chasing them, so they can at any time tele away, recast armour, and continue. You could always lame and try and win by wasting their mana... Ive also tried testing with 2 Ravens and slow missiles, the tornadoes become easy to avoid, but the damn minions prevent you teleing away from tornadoes when they tele on top of you :/

The rest of the classes i havent mentioned because either they dont warrant a mention (wf zons lol) or i have little experience duelling them (enchantress)



Any qs, ill endeavour to answer them


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I guess no-one wants to test it out? For stat placement, min str/min dex

remember Chains is +20 str and Sanc is +20 dex

Get a sanc shield ideally str req < 100 ( i still use Troll Nest for the look:p)

Enough dex for 75% block, i then dumped the rest into vit, but looking back, perhaps a pure energy sorc woul have been better ;)

Lvl 90: 950 life 800 mana

Enough mana regen however, to tele forever (thanks to my warmth :D)


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this is clear pubby setup, ok, anyway... i will have cta make that double life and mana of what i would normally have, and then, well lets see. Where woul di get cannot be frozen? Please tell em if this setup is alright.....
bk ring
and of course the cold charms and anni... i'll get my fhr in form of 20 life 5 fhr smalls and i was jus windering why u wouldnt use ss... i like enigma of course because its 87 str=87 vit......i dunno. if i really must change the enigma then i will..... i have 63% fcr there... and fhr i can get... will i have a big enough mana pool?


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Perfect_11. said:
Fathom --->20
magefist ---->20
bk ring
please read what i posted, you do NOT have 63 fcr. Also why do you need cannot be frozen on a sorc? Dont bother with cold absorb vs sorcs, your better of going with mana/fcr

Perfect_11. said:
i'll get my fhr in form of 20 life 5 fhr smalls
Damn you :/ Nice charms, make sure you hit the 80 breakpoint tho! Otherwise kicksin=death

Perfect_11. said:
and i was jus windering why u wouldnt use ss ... i like enigma of course because its 87 str=87 vit......i dunno.
Using storm then defeats the point in the bonus from enigma, plus your res are incredibly sucky, Dont use maras, get a top notch crafted caster +2 sorc skills +mana/life amu. Plus, the fhr on shield=more life from skillers, and the slow missiles charges on Sanc own =D. Block rate is also lower, so you're wasting more stat points (unless u Eld it), if you just want block go Eld whistans, and pump more stats points into vit.

Perfect_11. said:
will i have a big enough mana pool?
With CtA, the high lvl warmth and the mana regen from mages et al. i find i have more than enough, be wary of elemental dmg sources like traps and foh, they seem to drain more mana than most.

If pubbie duelling, take a pot or two;)


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ur right... for some reason i thought magefist=25% fcr lol >< ok so whats wrng with ss+enigma? whats the defeat of the purpose? well maras+um'ss+10% fcr 13 reisst ring, + resist quests+ maybe a 15 resist gc i should be fine.... and annihilus too. Hmm why troll nest? I really need some kind of slap in the face to get this striaght. if i went my way sasha suppose i had equal resist... wouldnt i jus end up with more life than u? I think the dr+the energy shield+TK would keep me alive for some time. Someone please elaborate and more people put ur 2 cents in pls sashs isnt the only sorc guru here.


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You need 156 Str and more dex for stormshield, so the stat points ur getting from enigma are wasted. Your getting the same amount of life as me, but my res are superor, and my mana and +skills is too,

You're sacrificing a skiller for a 15%res all gc, and u wearing only 1 SoJ. Theres nothing wrong with taking Enigma over Chains, its just that vs FoH/Trapper you're going to get ***** by your lol res :p, are you going full vitality or some in energy?

Using magefists, and only 1 SoJ, your manas gonna be very limited, hence i suggest you ditch the maras for fcr, and keep the jordan. Otherwise 1 hit= little mana, and little mana =death.

Damage reduce wont save you, the e shield works before the Stormshield. I mean yes you will last longer vs a zon or barb, but to be honest, if they hit u once, your mana gets depleted and your hp goes down a little. The NEXT hit will however completely screw you over, hence you need the fhr/fcr to tele away and recover some mana ( i fill my orb in 10 seconds from Warmth)

Perfect_11. said:
Someone please elaborate and more people put ur 2 cents in pls sashs isnt the only sorc guru here.
You should post this in the PVP Forum, oh wait all the wind druids and absorber necros will spam you ><. nah j/k


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good points sasha i agree with u now. Now the next lil part is to get a d*mn good fcr 2 skill amulet.... hmmm.... by the way i was going all vit..... so... i recently found shaeffers so i guess that means mega bucks in USwest... unless prices have changed since 3 days ago. Ima have to see if i can afford another soj without deteorating my other 2 pk chars and my mfer. Hmmm.... are there any other alternative gar setups without the use of 2 soj? ok well sasha keep me updated. And what kind of chains is good? dusk for sorc?


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If you're going full vit (like me;)), then SoJ is a necessity! Try and trade some low lvl items for rals/p amethysts, you're looking for one that has fcr and +skill, it doesnt have to be +2 skills setc, just need one that has at least +1 skill, 5%fcr, any additional mods are just gravy ;) i.e. res all, +life/mana etc.

(20 from mage/20 from deaths/20 from arachnid mesh means you only require 3%fcr from amulet))

As for which armour to make Chains, i chose dusk shroud because its low str req and the aesthetic value ;), its str req 77, so with base str of 60, and +20 from anni and the additional +20 str from armour itself i have enough to also use my Sanctuary.

If SoJs are a problem, then you could get by with a full energy setup, and use a Bk ring, with base vitality. However, its essential to get a high telek and e shield (fewer points into warmth therefore), i havent tried this but i know people who have, ill ask around and see how it fares in pkpkpkpk :D

Good luck whatever way you go though!


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Perfect_11. said:
sasha for ur build can i keep base energy?
Thats what i did ;)

If your're friendly duelling, then you should have enough mana to deal with non-lamers, but not too much that so that it remains a challenge, in pubbie ffa's with CtA you got more than enough :D


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IMO, orb in pubs just dont cut it, its easily stoped. as for only -200% on targets cold resist from cold mastery, you want the most one can muster. with the all the sorc i have made, i have found 1 build that is both powerful and very versatile. now this versatility dont come from the use of 2 trees, but from with in one tree. i posted about this build a very long time ago, but she is the ice blast sorc.
20ice bolt
20ice blast
20 cold mastery
1 warmth
1 teleport

gear my sorc uses
shako with 5/5 cf
deaths fathom 35%ed cold (5/5cf)
lidless wall 4/4 cf
upgraded perfect vipermage with um rune for the moment
2 sojs and maras
arachinds mesh
magefist upgraded
waterwalks upgraded/ethereal sandstorms
cta and lidless on switch

i hope to 1 day get a +2 sorc, +20fcr, 2 socket diadem, resist and life would be just lovely, i could then put a headhunters with 3 5/5 cf in the place of lidless, the armor will soon get a 5/5cf

now imo every sorc should have 105fcr, max resist while keeping the max +skills, fhr, mana and life

try this out and i think u will find it to your likeing