Wow, I can FRAPS my dueling sessions in pubbies


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Wow, I can FRAPS my dueling sessions in pubbies

wow, isn't this incredible? why don't I just post everything in the druid forums, even when I lose?


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If you want to go for it. However, we drool over Master Kiba. He inspired a lot of people. So we like it when he puts his duels here for us to see.

Oh, and you're lacking in the "wolfie skillz" necessary to do it like Master Kiba ;)

EDIT- Can't...spell.


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my days of excitement and posting here were many years ago

I know it was a bit of a joke posting this, and perhaps a bit being a bit of a jerk

but I've been making druids since day one of xpac, so I don't lack anything in "wolfie skillz"

I just don't post here as much, but I definately used to. Almost all of my post count is in this forum exclusively, just much of it in the past (and had probably a couple thousand posts before the listed join date, before they screwed up the forums that one time)


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Originally posted by naturebunns
wow, isn't this incredible? why don't I just post everything in the druid forums, even when I lose?
Why would anyone be against the videos i post confuses me , as of so far i have not seen anyone else on the internet puttin vids of a werewolf duelin on youtube / google etc...

and people wanna bash me because i Fraps some duels too just have fun and show what a werewolf can and cant do?

Theres already a few people i know of in the forums that hate me for trying too make the werewolf a little more popular or think that i am falsely glorifying the werewolf through my post's. Your not gonna be another one of them are you Nature...?

I know there are some people that enjoy watchin the few videos i have put up so far and as long as people keep enjoying them im gonna post them , it makes me feel good that i can somewhat entertain people through small videos.



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naturebunns said:
wow, isn't this incredible? why don't I just post everything in the druid forums, even when I lose?
I suggest if you don't like them, don't watch them. Simple isn't it? Try the 'log out' button and stop flaming Kiba.

Clay bizzle

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If there's anything I am getting tired of is people pretending they have any clout just because they played a certain character since the beginning of this game... I'm a million times more impressed with someone offering this druid forum insight to being successful with actual physical evidence (videos for example) then someone who claims to have been around longer.


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Ya know, I apologize Elohim

I was harsh, and just in a ****ty mood

As far as Clay? You're not even worth arguing with

I don't post as much "insight" anymore because it's all the same after long enough

I was super active in .09 especially in these forums, testing stuff, trying out new ideas, and all of the old timers would remember me quite well

but now days, it's the same 10 questions cycled over and over and over

we should just make 10 stickies on the front page seperately done

Actually, like I said , I was too harsh

Elohim: if you need more bandwith/storage space to put your videos on, I'll volunteer my website for hosting your videos so you can put them in better quality

I actually just watched a few and I think I took the point of you posting them all wrong

My offer's open if you choose to accept it, I can give you ftp access to my website and you can link your videos here

I have 20 gig of bandwith a day, so bandwith isn't an issue

Clay bizzle

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Well I didn't expect an argument because one never existed. I was expecting you to be another one of the bitter players I hear from often who think their time spent is worth more then it really is. So maybe you're not one of those? I first started during the original Diablo, yet am only 20 years old, and despite some of the things I really do feel I have contributed to PvM and PvP playing, I don't use my experience as a pedastal to stand on over the internet so my reaction to you was "oh gosh here's another grumpy/jealous player." Not saying you do the same especially since you've come out now with some real conviction, but I feel a lot of older players get intimidated over silly stuff.


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*singing* Why can't we be firends? Why can't we be friends.

Anyways the "lack of wolfie skillz" comment was sarcasm. No harm intended. At any rate, problem solved. Let's all hunt som pallys, I'm hungry.


Kk thx! :)


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The only werewolf video i saw is from Kiba.. I am looking forward to see other werewolf video.. Way to go..!


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I tried fraps but it lagged so much that it wasnt even funny. Must try to run window mode and as little as possible other programs...


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What is usually posted in this forum is random questions {that are horribly repeated over the week}, and gear opinions.

Really, why not post something new like a movie.

Not like it hurt you anyways, geez.


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Naturebunns, I fully support you in every way. Of course, since no one else in this thread will know me, it's kind of a moot point. :)

Did you ever find that Werebear helm you wanted?


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I remember you nature, I didnt have an account at the timeof .08 and .09, but I was here learning. Your time playing counts, but the amount you learn counts. The fun thing about the druid forum is the theres a place for me to most my duel pictures when I pwn a GG smiter or barb. Theres a place for Kiba to post videos, because he finds it fun. There are stories here, joke threads, really the druid forum is the only place you can get away with this stuff and thats what makes it great. Not to knock the pally forum, its packed with info, but have you ever noticed the posts? Gear for my GG smiter, replied in by someone with the same gear saying its GG, or a How-Do-I-Make-A-Hammerdin thread, gimme the gear, stats, skills and GG. Thats not much fun, granted there is some of that here now too.

A note of the videos: They are fun and EDUCATIONAL! I learned stuff from his vids, and im more experianced then some, some newcommers could get even more out of it. I think they are great!


Ps. Nature, we all repect you and your time put in!


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I personally like the bunns part of him, not the nature part. But who am I to talk about droods, I like sins.


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Here we go again.

Once and for all.

-If you don't like (or don't want to watch videos), simply don't.
-If you don't like the stupid (?) "awoo woof keke" language, don't read the posts that careful. I don't like the "wolf hype" either, but I don't care. Actually, it's not breaking the rules typing woof every now and then.
-And once and for all. How long you've been active on these forums is one of the most stupid excuses/reasons to anything, except when it comes to nostalgia talk about members that were here in the past.
-And, I agree, same questions are asked here every day, even though the answers are found 10 threads down on page one in a thread with virtually the same name. People do not browse forums, nor do they read stickies. That's a shame.
I suggest this thread is locked, the OT thread is a good resort!


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I already apologized, so nothing more to see here

funny the people still posting "here we go again" but didn't read the entire thread before posting