Would you upgrade this rare belt???


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Would you upgrade this rare belt???

I'm playing on ladder season 5 and I've used this belt since close to the beginning....However, it might be nice for a low level dueler. Is this worth anything for lld or should I upgrade it?

Rare Belt (req lvl 18)
7 def
30% ed
17% fhr :thumbsup:
4 str
35 life
29% lightning resist :thumbsup:
30% fire resist :thumbsup:

What do you think???


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Upgrading it would give the belt 4 rows for potions/scrolls. Since it's stats are decent if you have the runes I don't see why not, you aren't going to find a much better rare replacement. Depending on your character there may be better unique/set replacements however that are worth the same as the runes needed to upgrade the belt. Check out your realms trade forum to see if that is the case before upgrading. If it ends up being cost effective, upgrade away.

I don't lld so I can't help you there.