Would you pay real money for more Diablo 3 stash and characters?


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Would you pay real money for more Diablo 3 stash and characters?

I've heard comments to that effect, so I threw up a Diablo 3 community forum post asking... and so far almost all the replies say yes, that they would pay real cash money for more character slots and/or stash space in Diablo 3. A few quotes:

I would only spend money for stash tabs. If there is another expansion and two classes are announced it might make me buy more character slots but right now I am ok with the character slots I have. $10 for 3 storage tabs seems about right. --Dacar92

I'd definitely pay a couple bucks for another stash tab. --yovargas

I would probably toss a few shekels for some extra stash tabs, would really depend on the price. --ZappaFan

I'd pay for more stash tabs and character slots. --Phaedrus

I'm surprised that everyone seems to want/need this, and would be willing to pay for it. Where's the hate?

I didn't get the impression that many people were out of stash/char space in D3v, probably because 1) we had an Auction House for additional storage and quick flipping of unneeded gear, and 2) there was so much less character customization in the game that spare gear didn't really exist. Back in the D3v days we regularly saw complaints that you could respec all six skills, or move your entire kit from a Monk to a DH, and see no real change in performance.

That's no longer the case in Reaper of Souls, with all the +skill and +elemental damage gear that only works for one class, or one build. Today it's quite possible for busy players to have multiple active characters of the same class, all using totally different and incompatible gear, and that seems to be fueling the stash-filling and mule-filling issues that have driven otherwise sane players to advocate for micro-transactions and moar space. If only there was some sort of feature built into Diablo 3 that would easily let players spend real money to buy game features? *cough*

So, vote time. Would you pay real money for more Diablo 3 stash and characters?

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Already paid 90$, if they can't use 1$ of that amount to give me less storage than a free email account why would I give them more?


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Absolutely I would pay more. My stash is almost full again, as well as a mule. I still wonder if this is more of a problem for us HC players. I know when I played SC I felt there was more space. But I hate to throw away a good quality item in HC...just in case (deeds).

I guess I also don't understand the "evil" angle on micro transactions. You wouldn't HAVE to pay anything extra just because *I* am a packrat.


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Another pack rat here. I actually already paid for more character slots by buying RoS CE so I guess "in for a penny, in for a pound".
I like the idea of micro transactions although I don't use them. I'm poor and stingy but I like having the option to get some "quality of life" features for an equivalent of pack of smokes.


I wouldn't pay for more space either, but your analogy is apples to oranges. "Free" email costs someone about a penny to create, and exists mostly to serve you customized ads, and/or enable the NSA to look at nude photos of your girlfriend.


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No. Not going to hop on the bandwagon and open Pandora's box. I thought Blizzard had enough of micro-transactions.

Scion of Yawgmoth

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I don't need either now, but I'd absolutely be willing to pay for more stash space. Characters I'm a little leery on, because I already have 12 spots and I only really use 5 of them. However, I don't see any problem with paying for extra stash space; frankly, it makes sense to me to have that as an option.

That said, I've still got about a page and a half left before I'm out of space, so I'm in no hurry to get more. I also have a bunch of stuff left over from pre-RoS, so if I broke those I'd probably be around 2 free pages worth of space. Thus, while I'd certainly be willing to pay a bit more for space in the nebulous future, I definitely don't need it now. It also depends on how much a page would cost. According to the Path of Exile wiki, in PoE it costs about $3 for each extra stash page; I think that that's a fairly reasonable price to pay. I think that for a couple bucks, if I needed a stash page then I wouldn't mind buying one, but for anything around $5 or higher for a single page, I'd consider it too much of a ripoff.


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They did this once already. It was called the RoS Digital Collector's Edition. The only meaningful, noticeable, or useful thing you got for your extra $20 was 3 more character slots.

I bought it.


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the evil angle is when 6 stash tabs is what any normal QA / alpha tester says is the minimum needed to play the game without feeling gimped / frustrated

then management says, fine, let's give them 3 stash tabs and make the next 3 a micro transaction

PoE is just on the edge with that
you can get by with the stash tabs they give you, but the game is SO MUCH better if you buy just a little more space


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Yes, I know.

The whole proposition is just infuriating, when you understand how little data one character takes once it's optimized for a database instead of being stored locally with encryption, that I couldn't help myself but write something dismissive.


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I would be willing to pay for more char slots/stash space.

At the moment, I would be more interested in stash space. Blizz has been more generous with character slots but stash space is scarced.


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Two to four additional character slots would imho be necessary, to balance out the changes made to itemization since vanilla to begin with:

Having to use specialized gear affixes synergizing a skillsetup for a character to farm higher torment difficulties discourages to change around well geared characters, creating demand for additional characters of the same class for experimentation purposes. (Which would then also be hard to tear apart again, once wearing better gear, creating demand for at least a third, and perhaps additionally a hc-character, ... ) The limitation in slots is still adjusted to the lesser demand of the original design, though. This imbalance would have to be adressed first, before I could even consider being ok with the idea of having to pay for additional character slots. Doesn't matter, if I'd actually need them, or not. Cashing in on the demand created by changes over time may be good capitalism, but would else be rather unfair and unjustified to each one still actively playing.

On tabs, though, my opinion differs: The items design has still not turned them into collectors items, limiting the need for additional storage space. It would still be nice to have, but is essentially enough to work around with, even when building up secondary gear for an additional character or changing ones skillsetup further on. (Even when assuming this to be the case for two to three different classes at the same time.) Thus I here would think of additional tabs being payable through real currency a fair way to cache in. Preferably, similar like the model used for the Naxxramas-campain of Hearthstone, though, meaning tabs/rows still being available by paying huge sums of ingame gold. As someone playing T3-4, I would on one hand deem a price of 80 million gold each tab/row as still being fair, while on the other hand already be regarding twelve Euros for one tab, all its associated rows included, as the outer border to being a service overpriced.

Sorry for my english today. My concentration seems to be all over the place today.

Mad Mantis

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I'm not paying extra just because Blizz was too cheap to give us a decent amount of characters and a normal sized stash.


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I hate to say it, but I would pay for both the stash and character slots.
When alternating between HardCore and Softcore, playing all characters in both environments, and needing to have some characters with levels around the levels the characters of my wife are to play multiplayer, I quickly run out of space in both...

With the seasonal characters coming our way in the next patch it might become better (I will probably stop playing Hardcore and go to the Seasonal, resulting in regular cleaning of the slots) but not entirely.


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I guess as a free market guy, I don't see anything evil about that. I'm willing to give Blizzard more money for more space. You're not. So I pay, and you don't. Seems like a win-win-win. Or is the argument that I'm getting some kind of big competitive advantage from extra stash space? (Not snark...I'm honestly asking.)


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the argument is for when they cut things out which should have been part of the standard game

if a company's own QA testers say (before the game comes out) there isn't enough stash space and management intentionally uses the QA tester's
recommendation to plan an mtx instead of putting the fix into the game then it is just a money grabbing scheme

it's evil because it's intentionally releasing a crappy product with plans to sell a fix in the future when you could easily put the fix into the game before release

I don't think Blizzard did this at all though
I don't think stash space was necessary at all initially when you had the AH
you could always use it as stash space

"intentionally frustrating the players in order to sell an mtx" is the key point
it's one thing to release a game and not realize there isn't enough stash space
it's totally different to get a recommendation from your own internal testers saying "we need more stash space, the game is frustrating and no fun in the higher levels in it's current state"
and then management says, "ok, but release the game as is for $49.99 and offer more stash space for $10"

I'm sure some companies who do things like this