Would this sorc work?


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Would this sorc work?

hi i was wondering if this would be a good build in v1.09

20 blizard
20 frozen orb
20 cold mastery
20 meteor
1 teleport
1 energy shield
and of course pre requistes


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well, as it's basically a frozen orb/meteor build, sure why not. no sense using blizzard though in .09, orb does a lot more damage a lot faster. don't forget fire mastery.


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Kireiray said:
Might as well just make a meteorb, with blizz/orb you aren't really trielementalist.
don't go bliz and orb. go one or the other. if you're looking for a cold sorc build with a secondary element, you'd still be better off getting FO + ice bolt or bliz+a synergetic element. your build is pre-.10, pre-synergy.


20 Orb, 20 Fire Wall, 20 Fire Mastery. 1 in the 1 point wonders. I suggested a build in the other thread you started.