Would this make a good Exile?


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Would this make a good Exile?

Kurast Shield
4 Open Sockets
348 Defense
Chance to block 55%
10-82 Smite
56% Enhanced Damage
106 Attack Rating

Demonic Angel Rules

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Dont make it in that cause u will regret it later. Make in a erth Vortex shield with a good amount to all res. I know these r a pain to find, and you have to be rich to trade for one, and that one could be a duped one, but you will love it in the end. My friend got one and let me borrow it for a day. Man With that I was Immortal. It had 1700 def which is ok but i wish it was in the 1800. Just spend a little time looking for one u will be so glad that you did in the end.


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Ohms and Vexes aren't expensive on East, but your avatar doesn't mention where you're playing. It's not double-ethereal, and is definitely the limit on what I'd make Exile in if I wasn't desparate. If you need it for a build, or are looking to burn some runes before they vanish and have no where else to use them, do it. Otherwise, you may want to hold off.