would this glass-cannon infinity/fb sorc work in pvp? ifra


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would this glass-cannon infinity/fb sorc work in pvp?

yea after making a infinity/light, i've decided to make a fb sorc for pvp. Since fire res is very difficult to obtain through items compared to other resists (this is for the typical pubby built set ups), plus the -res from conviction would make this sorc a very viable opponent for pvp no?

20 firebolt
20 firebalt
20 meteor
20 telekinises
1 Frozen armor
1 warmth
1 blaze
1 firewall
1 inferno
1 CB
1 CL
1 L
1 Teleport
1 ES
6 firemaster (rest if any extra)
Total: 96 pts , attainable at lvl 85

str: enough
Dex: none
Vit: debatable
Erng: Rest

The gear set up would be:

head: +2/ 20% fcr / xx
ammy: +2 / 15% fcr crafted
body: skin of the viper magi 30% fcr
weap: infinity (normal scythe)
belt: arach 20% fcr
gloves: magefist 20% fcr
rings: 2x sojs
boots: treks

charms: Anni / Torch / 9x fire lifers/fhr / res small charms.

the set up above will hit the 105% fcr bp. +23 skills after BO

Fball: 12797
Fbolt: 11417

the set up lacks resist and FHR terribly, any suggestions on improving? I was thinking maybe socketing the head , armor with shael or um. Another alternative is to make up through charms.

Couple cons i figure this build would encounter is the lack of any defense at all vs melee, basically you need to out tele them and take them out with range, ****BUT**** If you stay too far away, the -res from conviction will be useless since the radius is not large enough, so basically you're just a weaker version of a full fire sorc. Any suggestions on how i can counter this problem?


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i acctualy thought about making something similar to this, but using hydra+infinity as well .... it sounds good on paper, not sure about in games though