Would this dueler work?

Would this dueler work?

I have heard osmething about a level 18+leap(or close) stuns an oppenent in a huge radius.

So I wana try out a new build, what about a double throw barb that used that leap stun and then double throw? Get a really high IAS, tons of PSN.

Would this work?

Thanks for any help.


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Well only after years of testing it could work.

Or I can just say ya it does...

To be honest I think sooner or latter there will be a build for a barb that does use leap as one of its skills.

Sint Nikolaas

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Leap does knockback, it's used by crybarbs who can use leap to get close(r) to enemies. It's usefull, especially when your opponent is stunned.


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...Also, last I heard/tested, Leap attack is bugged for PvP. It only ends up doing 1% of listed damage, instead of the usual PvP penalty of 1/6.

This may or may not have been fixed since then though.