Would it be a good idea...


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Would it be a good idea...

I was thinking about using my first Larzuk socketing on my Jalals mane and adding a Shael (IAS bonus) in it. Is this a good idea? Would Jalals mane be suitable end equipment for my Werewolf druid? Right now Im using:

Jalals Mane
Ancients Pledge Runeword on an Ancient Shield
Duriels Shell
Carrion Wind
Rare Ammy (cant remember stats)
Gore Rider Boots
Random MF rare gloves
Bladebuckle belt



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I am not good with druids but I can atleast tell you that shael doesn't give IAS in helms and Armors, it give faster hit recovery. And yes Jalals mane is one of the best end game druid head gears.


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ahh crap...forget the whole socketing thing then =) ...

I was going to say, I like Jalals Mane better than cerebus's bite, even though cerebus's bite has more defense...


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Also, IAS in items other than your weapon isn't as effective ona WW as it is on other classes. The IAS calculations work wierd with the IAS boost from the WW skill.

Check out TheDragoon's website for info and a "calculator". Bear in mind that he uses the inverse of the figure shown on the AS. So a -10 WSM on the AS should be input as +10 WSM on TD's site



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A lot of people who play pvp shael their helms to help hit the fhr break points. So shaeling it isnt an all together bad idea ... however if your resist is a stain then you might want to try and um it or something.


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The majority of my Druid's that used Jalal's had Perfect Ruby's in the socket, regardless of what type of build. That's always an option.