Would griswolds set be good for zappadin?


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Would griswolds set be good for zappadin?

This is my paladins build:
20 holy shock
20 salvation/resist lightning
20 sacrifice
1 in zeal.

ATM. I use Crescent moon Pb, Andies Visage, Guardian Angel, Stormshield, Draculs, Highlords, Raven/ Dual Leach and Gore Riders.

The killing speed is o.k. but I have CRAP resists.

Would the griswolds set be OK for killing speed? With a lot of lightning facets in of course.


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Grisworld set has a ton of resists already. Just leaving that 3 slots on the shields for pdiamonds, that fixes alot of things.


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Do you plan on using sacrifice or zeal as your end attack? Zeal would make all that elemental damage smack out really fast...