worth upgrading?


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worth upgrading?

I found a rare short sword and it looks pretty good. Wondering if it would be worth the runes to upgrade or not.. plz post opinions

Short Sword
443% enhanced damage
171 to attack rating
6poisin damage over 2 seconds
lvl 5 teeth charges
requirements -20%

Larzuk only gave me 1 socket =( the socket is still open


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Well, it will definitely not be better than some of the top runewords such as BotD and Grief. It's up to you whether or not you'd like to upgrade it, but don't expect an uber weapon. Also, rare items will always get 1 socket.


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Hmm upped to falcata think the 1-hand dmg is not too shabby ya? I agree it'll work for a zealot/avenger ...maybe with a sheal in it?