worth keeping? 333ed40ias mace


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ok, lets do the math...

good ed,
max damage mod (tiny, but still there)
good ar boost
plus all skills
and big arsed ias boost..

do we upgrade.

*scratch, scratch*


answer, yes!! nice find!


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Suppose I upgraded it to a devil star, any suggestions on how to use it?
This weapon is a rare one and have no mods like crushingblow/deadlystrike/leech, need to make up for it.
I am thinking about a zealdin or avenger, but what build maybe best?


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If you are on west non-ladder. Then no, it's is waisting space. Being the nice guy that I am, I'll help you with that. :innocent: only if it's on west non-ladder though. :creep:
if not, then yeah upgrade it.
Is this a weapon you want to use for pvp, or pvm?


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You probably need to calculate wat it looks like later, and see if it's actually better than stuff like, say baranar's. Probably should be significantly better before you dump the UM & FAL for it, those 2 are worth more than stuff like baranar's star


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Ash Housewares said:
it's a morning star->devil star

still pretty durn nifty
Ya I was just reading the title and well ya I feel stupid now..um..Hammerdins pwn n00b111

*that'll knock them off their feet, good one!-to himself

Afterism- A concise, clever statement you don't think of until it's too late


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Oh, the mace is on WHCL (Uswest hardcore ladder).
Sorry forgot to make it clear.


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the damage as a devil star would be:
190-235...which is very healthy damage

if you 40/15max it, it would have:

which is again very nice...

its worth the upgrade runes, which are common enough...not to mention it adds defense(hs), damage(aura, combat skill), and some other nice stuff with the +2 skills...its a keepah!



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it would be pretty good for either a zealot or avenger...put an amn in it for a avenger though...cuz the LL is only factored outta physical dmg


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That's certainly a nice find and I would upgrade it, there is no doubt in my mine.
I personelly like having out of trend weapon to use on my pallys.


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That thing is awesome. STYLE POINTS!

I personally never worry about leech... I too play HCL and as long as I keep my blocking at 75%, pump my life and try to get some PDR, I've never had a problem with any of my paladins. I'd socket it with a BER for the crushing blow if you can get your hands on one (honestly I probably couldnt!) or maybe even an ETH or something similiarly useful. Use that socket to fill a hole in your gear setup.

Go make an awesome deviant build with it... my Frost Zealot thread is on the first page now but with that kind of speed it could also be great with a Shockadin!!!