Worst Paladin Ever


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Ash Housewares said:
holy shock vindi!!! it's my favorite, be sure and load up on poison and deadly strike :thumbsup:
tesladin w/o the FoH. or V/t w/o the Templar. hmmm sounds crazy enough to work (if bashing monsters' craniums in is your idea of fun :teeth: )


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simon says you win. but he's changing the name o crackadin. :winner:

shidenx said:
The crap-a-din

-=Skill and stat allocation=-
Don't use any skill or stat points you want to make him the worst pally alive(dead).

Cracked short sword
Cracked sash
Cracked boots
Cracked cap
Cracked leather armour
No rings or ammy

-=Game play=-
Stick with act1 normal forever.


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If you're looking for something challenging, make a holy fire zealot. Those are supposed to be pretty fun I hear. =)


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Another interesting challenge would be a fanat avenger. Although convic adds more damage, fanat would make you faster so it would not be a complete loss. Definately a huge challenge to take one of these through the hell difficulty.
I made one of these in .09 because I didn't know any better, and back then it was a decent build actually.