Workign on a fc werebear


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Workign on a fc werebear

ok i read coldamys guide and as confusing as it was i am inspired to mae a fc bear....i was lookin at his gear and somthin i rather focus on is ar and fhr then + skills....would this be a better way to go??? anyways heres the list of items im going to use...plz post advice for best set up plz

helm : jal jals
ammy: angel
rings: angelic/raven
belt : 15% verndungos
gloves: draculs
boots: sandtrek
armor: i was thinking of usign stoen armor instead of coh..i can get coh but stone looks really good for this build....60 fhr!!
weapons : 4x shael 2x 15 ias phaeblade
shield: ss /w shael shael drop frame rate by 1....

i jsut wonder if this build is good agaisnt extremely high def pallys...thast why i am so concerned about ar

also i'll have a fleshripper on switch for enchant cahrge and 10x shapeshift gcs


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Hmmm... the AR is very important, but you'll also need a lot of +skills. Also, I'd go with CoH over stone, unless you're using the synergy bug...

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molten boulder synergy isn't really exploitable since molten boulder is a prereq for 2 other synergies you'd have to be a hybrid with weak fire claws

and I am just beginning on a FC bear, I'd go with +skills to supplement what will be alot of low lvl skills like wb, lyc, sage, etc


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I have tryed a similar set up also without dracules and sandtrek.

The extra attack rating from angelic is great and it works well but it depends on the opponent. I can't hit some opponents, barbs, pallys and necros with high bone armor and I assume it is because of very high defense.

Because more often then not I don't hit some opponents in bear form, even after several swings, I tend to shift into wolf form more often now because of the jump in attack rating and live with the lower defense and drop in attack speed from 4 to 5 frames.

I always change between the two setups and two forms (bear or wolf) against the same opponent to see what works.

Stone is also great usually switch to stone (+ verdangos and ss for 50% dr) when melee dueling. COH has the resists so better against elemental casters.

Dracules will help when you do land a hit and life tap takes effect, although some may say its bad manners.

My suggestion is to try the different setups and see what works against different opponents.

Let me know how you go and what you determine.



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i suggest you load up on shapeshift charms. just offer to swap other skill charms you have 1 for 1. Gear looks nice, although currently i only suit up with my angelic stuff when fighting high def guys. be sure to check out coldarmy's fireclaws guide

also stone would be nice for the fhr, but be sure you still have resists... If you can make up the 50% lost them it might be a good move, but its a tough call between the hit recovery and def and that lovely +2 skills

for fhr and fbr breakpoints check this out (WHAT THE HELL I CAN'T LINK! try copy pasting this into a new window)

EDIT:eek:k good it did it automatically for me :thumbsup: