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Woot Matriarch PackingHeat Meterorb Sorc

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Mantis, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Dec 1, 2009
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    Woot Matriarch PackingHeat Meterorb Sorc

    I finally got her over the hump.

    Matriarch: "Packing Heat" (softcore)
    Build: Meterorb (based on Sasja's guide)
    Level: 89 (1 level to go)
    Game Patch: 1.13c (LoD)

    [Skill Points]
    Cold Skill points: 33 (20 Frozen Orb, 8 Cold Mastery)
    Lightning Skill points: 3
    Fire Skill points: 64 (1 point left to add to Fire Mastery)

    [Stat Points]
    STR: 150
    Dex: 130
    Vita: 190
    Energy: 50
    Stam: 384
    Unallocated Stat Points: 5
    Hell difficulty Resists: 75 (Fire/Cold/Lightning/Poison)
    Life: 872 (1455)
    Mana: 722 (1046)
    (modified by CTA)

    Fire Ball: 5914 (6309)
    Meteor: 13431 impact / 1545 burn damage (14311/1626)
    Frozen Orb: 450 (466)
    (modified by CTA)

    Head: Delirium Mask (25% MF)
    Chest: Chains of Honor Archon Plate (25% MF)
    Weapon Slot-1: Heart of the Oak Flail (CTA on switch)
    Weapon Slot-2: Spirit Monarch Shield (2x IST Monarch on switch for MF)
    Belt: Tal Rasha's belt (11% MF)
    Hands: MageFists
    Feet: War Traveler (44% MF)
    Necklace: Blue-Prismatic +20 All Resists, 10% FCR Amulet
    Rings: 2 x SoJ
    Cast Rate Increase: 105% (with HotO only)
    Run Speed Increase: 25% (from boots)
    Hit Recovery Increase: 55% (from shield only)
    +Skills from Gear: +11 Lightning/Cold, +12 Fire
    +Skills from Charms: Zero
    Total Magic Finding Increase: 155% Magic Find

    Type: Nightmare Act-2 Holy Freeze Desert Warrior
    Name: Azrael
    Head: Undead Crown
    Weapon: Infinity Cryptic Axe (30% MF)
    Chest: Fortitude Archon Plate

    I started her untwinked. The stats need adjustment via the reset to get more life/mana on her which I may look into at the next level. I named her Packing Heat but her damage needs more heat. I may boost her Fire Ball damage by pulling 5 points from Fire Mastery and putting them into Fire Bolt. I haven't found or cubed any +Fire Skill charms yet and her inventory is dominated by small "of vita" charms to boost her hit points. She is starting her magic finding career modestly as can be seen in the gear section above. Although, I will have to pull out a Goldwrap belt from ATMA. I suspect Magic Finding will be a bit slow at first because her kill speed needs improvement. My game playing skills need improvement as should be near impossible to kill if I have mana and a safe place to teleport to. I'll be starting with the moat trick.

    The merc seems to be particulary squishy as he died once almost instantly on P-1 in the Sanctuary. I'm not sure if his death was Iron Maiden self inflicted or just him being squishy. The infinity weapon on the merc is probably boosting the fire and frost damage by a lot but it doesn't feel that way. Hell difficulty is still a challenge. For more than 50% of the journey to Matriarch, the merc used insight polearm. The Infinity polearm was crafted in late Act-5 Hell difficulty.

    My short wish list of changes/upgrades:
    - Gear upgrades (more uniques, full Tal Rasha set, more magic finding gear)
    - stat reset (too bad I don't have all the essenses now, so I'm being cautious about using the free reset)
    - +skill charms
    - +Fire damage charms
    - magic finding charms
    - better vitality charms
    - better gear for the merc (Mr. Softee)
    - lots more IST runes

    I'm already working on a Chain Lightning/Frozen Orb Sorceress build.

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