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Ive got 26 skill points left from a druid build and I was thinking about putting 20 to dire wolf and only 5 into spirit...will they be able to hang?


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Im assuming you are not trying a summon build, but you have skill points left over. In this case, id go for the grizzly as hes a better tank. Hes good for both a shapeshifter and an wind druid.

I have a hunter build that utilizes the wolves, got him through nightmare, and hes about reaady for hell (lvl high 60's)


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Yeah Grizzly is better for hell, but only have one is a disadvantage. Dire wolves can be good if you can kill fast so that they can power up off the corpses.


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this should be moved to the druid forum, you'll probably get more help there.


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The fleshiest, thus most durable beast would be gained if you put 6 points(for the resists) into grizzly and 20 into direwolves.

A more damaging setup would be 20 points into grizzly and 6 into direwolves. If you have heart of wolverine already maxed this setup might dent the hell monsters if a prebuff is used to cast HoW and grizzly.