Wolfbarb PvP questions : Amy/armor/wep/shield


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Wolfbarb PvP questions : Amy/armor/wep/shield


1) Angelic ring+amy with 1xRaven frost? or higlord should be better?
2) Ebotdz or Griefz or Gris wep(wut put in it..)? and Ss or Phoenix monarch (max block or no..)?
3) Nigma or Eth shaft or Levi or other?
4) Charms : Wc gcs or Masterie gcs or both or ar/life gcs?



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I don't think there's one good answer here. First of all, it greatly depends on what kind of character you're fighting. For example, max block is very important against melee characters but against casters, it's of no use.

If you want a balanced character, I'd say use dual angelics (or do you want to keep swinging at that smiter half a dozen times without hitting him?), max block, use Enigma, Phoenix and Grief (I would use a pb) and stack up on warcry/life charms. This means you need to put a cham in your helm (CoA) for CBF though.

It's not an easy build though (statwise) because Phoenix will require a lot of strength and dex for max block and if you're fighting a caster, you will miss the life you could have gotten instead a lot.