wolf vs wwbarb no chance?


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wolf vs wwbarb no chance?

hmm i have a question here
i have a wolf with this gear: beast, forti, jalal, gore, highlord, draculs, verdungo, 2 raven, storm, toch, sk's blabla charms
i have about 14k ar, and dont seems to hit barb in ww
is this 14k ar to low?
how can i get more ar?
or wolfs cant kill barb in ww?

btw skills are: 20shape, 20lican, 20 fury, 20 wolverine

strange... i choose beast coze of ar and ias from fana, i wonder how can fight if u have grief, ar will be more lower

or maybe im noob and i dont understand wolfs too good

can someone help me?

forgot about block: is 75, life about 2.5 k (low because dont use oak, i use volwerine for ar and dmg-4.5k)


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I don't have any guidelines to this, but it can be done. Very hard thou.
Pesonally I can only do it with a Fury/Rabies hybrid, (not much of a pvp'er) this is where Rabies come in handy.

And yes your AR is rather low, maybe u should try either angelic combo or Cerebus bite


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Dude you need to change out your weapon to a greif phase, or ebotd zerk. There are alot of diffrent resson why a wolf could loose to a wirl barb. These are ar, life, fhr, block rate, low damage, and damage reduse%. I can all ready tell you that you have a low amount of life.


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Wolfs will struggle with good barbs

only exception is I can usually take ww barbs with my rabies druid

only bad thing is, if the barb is high defense and goes 2 handed I may not be able to get in a hit w/o dying

rough balancing act

Clay bizzle

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Beast is horrible for PvP druid, Grief phaser is too darn good against barbs to give up imo. Your AR is very low for a HoW user I might add. I use HoW and against barbs I typically go Raven/Angelic and sometimes use shaeled Cerebus. I'm hitting 30k that way no problem with moderately good charms. If it's a BvC then dual Ravens is better because their defense isn't high, and deadly strike from Highlords is a must for more killing speed.