wolf summonings


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wolf summonings

i'm creating a fury warewolf with maxed fury, lycanthropy and warewolf skills.

I would like to invest my other skills into summonings

i was thinking either heart of the wolvering or dire wolves and a warebear.

Which do you think is my better choice for overall power and leveling speed.

warewolf 20
lycanthropy 20
fury 20


direwolf 20
warebear 20


heart of the wolverine 20 (with points later put into summons as meat shields)


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Personally I would proberly max Oak sage.
But the options you mention I would put 1 pt. in bear and 20 in dire wolf (they boost life 4 summons)... always great to have a meat shield with you.

Then you should choose wheter you'd like to boost your own life, by maxing oak, or increase the dmg of summons by maxing bear.


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For my pvm werewolves i always like too max Lycan , werewolf , fury , oak , and then the rest in dire wolves for distraction's.

Dire Wolves wont be able too kill monsters in hell super fast but they can tank some damage and spilt up monsters and are easy to respawn.


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For PvM.....HoW is much more usefull than Oak....Youll have well over 2k life anyway. Also, putting more than 1 point in Werewolf is a waste. You should be reaching max frames (attack speed) with your weapon alone...and AR wont be much of a problem (especially with HoW).

20 Fury
20 HoW
20 Lyc
10 feral rage (for leaching and fr/w)
rest in either grizzly or dire wolves