wolf pvm->pvp


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wolf pvm->pvp

Hi ^^

Well, I have a WW PvM Druid, and since I already killed Baal, I'd like to go to PvP, but don't have experience in PvP chars.
What do you think I can change, mainly in gear, to have success in pvp?

The char:

gandalf, lvl 91 ww druid

laying of hands
ravenfrost x2
atma's scarab
tomb reaver cryptic axe
shaeled baranar's star + stormshield on switch

AR, resist charms

life: 3340 (wolf form w/ oak)

24 werewolf
24 lycanthrophy
24 fury
10 feral rage
9 rabies
22 oak sage
8 dire wolf
3 grizzly
3 HoW

Stats using Tomb Reaver:

strength: 218/194
dexterity: 112/67
vitality: 295/259
energy: 40/20

all resistances 75

defense: 1381
attack rating: 10227
damage: 1182-4691 (4fpa)

Using baranar's + stormshield:

strength: 263/194
dexterity: 127/67
vitality: 295/259
energy: 40/20

fire resist: 31 | cold resist: 75 | lightning resist: 59 | poison resist: 35

defense: 1860
attack rating: 13679
damage: 1324-2248 (5fpa)

And what's the better way to fight against Guided Arrow Bowazons or Whirlwind Barbs?

thanks :D


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Sorry no one replied yet.

Your character looks pretty good except for one thing:

Dexterity. You don't have max block, which will kill you a lot of the time. I don't know if you can do something about that, maybe, to make up for it, but here's what I recommend to get the most out of this character as is.

DR% is capped at 50%, so you can take off Shaftstop and go with Chains of Honor or Lionheart or something like that. Lionheart will add a handful of Dex, as well, which is good.

One handed will work a lot better, by the way, so do that for sure. Ethereal Baranar's Star is a fairly good weapon, but can't really measure up to a 1.10 Griswold's Cadeuceus or good Breath of the Dying.

Laying of Hands can be switched for some 1.10 gloves or Bloodfists or, better yet in your situation, Immortal King's Ogre Gauntlets which have 20 Dexterity on them.

Atma's Scarab can be changed for Highlord's Grasp for +1 and Deadly Strike, or Cat's Eye for run/walk and 20 Dexterity.

That's pretty much it, I think. You have several options for adding needed stats, and you can work with your charms to get the optimum situation, probably.

Good luck!! :D


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highlord wrath dummy

u have a hude lack in attack rating because of not using HoW, so u have to make it up in charms (barbs/pallys easily over 12k defense)


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most people build their pvp chars as pvp chars from the beginning... and then they half ***/leech their way through pvm and such...
i tried converting a pvm wolf to pvp back in 09, it didn't work... mainly because i didn't put any points in dex... at all...
but basically, i'd say get some ar charms (steel gc's will work well for this)
Proud gave some good advice, follow it for i have no more to offer... i apologize