WMV on Mac


WMV on Mac

I downloaded VLC media player...but when I play some .wmv files, it says I can't open it and links me to this page with all these codecs. Do I need all of them? How else can I view .wmv on macs without windows media player for mac?


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It could possibly be that you're missing the DivX codec as it's quite popular.


I don't think DivX 6 for Mac is available yet and version 5 doesn't work with OS 10.4, if I recall correctly. If you're running an older version of OS X you should be able to use an older version of the software without issue.


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VLC or MPlayer will play any divx/xvid files (i prefer mplayer, but vlc is better for subtitled/multiple audio vids), and get windows media player to play wmv (yes, there is a mac version, though it is only vers. 9 so it wont play wmv10 encoded files).