With One Is Your Favorite Char?


With One Is Your Favorite Char?

I just wonder what your favorite char is among your own chars? :smiley:
And if you want to you can write down what Build,Lvl,Equipment your using aswell :grin: Well. I might start:

Name: Equ
Level: 82
Class: Sorceress
Build: Lightning

Helm: Shako (Um)
Amu: Maras 26
Shield: Lidless (P dia)
Boots: Waterwalk
Ring: Raven Frost
Ring: Soj
Belt: Arachnids Mesh
Gloves: Frostburn
Weapon: Hoto 39

I like to play with her since the mana is not a problem with a Soj and Frostburn, and her damage is pretty neat. And i just love to pitrun, so I guess thats why i made a lightning sorceress in the first placeAnd she kills almost anyone among my friends chars in Pvp som they get really upset at me, and thats one of the main reasons i raised her :grin:

Anyone else wanna tell me about their favorite char? :smiley:
Well atm it is my Venomancer, my favourite character changes all the time but this one it is atm, very strong in pitruns his poison nova will soon do 9K damage in 2 seconds. And with lower resist and Death's Web the critters fall very easy will try him in PvP when he is finished.

He is using skellies and Clay golem as meatshield combined with my merc

Name: Venominator
lvl: 84
Full Trang ouls set with poison facets in Helm armor and shield
Death's Web with poison facet
Soj Bul Kathos wedding band
Mara's Kaleidoskop
weapon switch CtA and spirit shield

Merc Waheed lvl 84 might merc
Reaper's Toll
Andy's Visage


Wolfgang Abenteuer

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Zealots have always been my fave chars, so I guess my current Fanatic Zealot would be the one. Level 77, Pat (never died, w00t! :grin: ), finished the game untwinked (self-found NM Meph runs only) with Headstriker, The Ward, Goldskin, Tal's Mask, Goblin Toe, LoH, Ammy with +19 res. all and +81 life, Raven Frost, Cathan's Seal, and a belt with some +life. He now has a Baranar's which I found yesterday while finishing the game with my WW Druid, replacing the Headstriker (well, one of them...still have another Headstriker with Whitstan's on switch :wink: ). Typical Zealot I suppose; 20 Fanat, 20 Zeal, 20 Holy Shield, 1 Vengeance, rest in prereqs and 20 more unassigned points.



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I am fond of the Lightning Amazon (CS RULES) and the Fanatic Zealot Paladin. Although I have been experimenting with the elemental Druid, too.


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my favorite character at the moment is a bow nec. Ive discovered that it is the funnest thing in the world to bone wall everything you can then amp, lower resist, or confuse everything and kill it before it figures out whats going on, and all of that without getting to close.


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my fishey/bone attack manceerrrr!
lvl 83 current. (im a low newby)

skills will look like this when i get to 99 (at least its the plan.)
1 in all right hand side just for decrep.

20 SM
20 RS
1 in all summon skills - fire golem.

20 bone spear
20 bone spirit
1 corpse explosion (yes 1! i dont see the point of having more than this with him twiked, it does good enough to kill)
1 in bone armor (i wish i wouldnt have done this so i could have added one more to teeth. but oh well:undecided: )
17 to teeth

helm: rare circy +1 skills with +22 resist all
wepon: rare wand +2 skills +3 bone spear
Shild: blue head +2 skills
armor: trang ouls.
belt: spiderweb give me a skill! +1 skills
shoes: IK (he is super fast, i love it:rolleyes: )
hand: magefist (for +1 to CE)
ring: rare +12 resist all +10 faster cast rate
ring: raven frost.
ammy1: +1 skillls with 20% faster cast rate with resist
ammy2: blue teleport charges (22/22) +108 mana

basically i started building him and then after i maxed the skeletons and put my skills in the summons i wanted, and the curses. and i thought, wtf else am i going to use mate? so i thought, well CE is so over rated. not saying its bad. its deff one of the best skills i think the necro has. but i just thought, the range is enough that im satisfied why else would i want more in it? so i just started maxing bone spirit and the rest is history. sorry this isnt 100% accurate, im at school and my necro is 35 min away from me right now. so i cant completly remember.

"cool story hansel" :wink2:


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My Fireball/FoHer Pally. It's just cool, really. I don't have enough out-of-the-ordinary builds, so that's the only one that I can really say. He is surprisingly powerful (at least on P1) and extremely safe. I suppose, because I don't actually play him, I can't consider him my favourite... maybe my 99 Blizzballer is, or perhaps my trapsin will be the favourite in the near future as she begins the quest towards 99.


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My Frenzy Barb! There's nothing like chopping up a monster salad at a super-duper-duper high speed. :grin:

Name: MaxAxe
Clvl: 81
Helm: Guilamme's (38% EDmg Jewel)
Armor: Gloom RW in Diamond Mail
Right Hand: Near Perfect RuneMaster (Shael x3, Amn, 36% EDmg Jewel)
Left Hand: Near Perfect Razor's Edge
Gloves: Drac's (what else?)
Boots: Gore Riders (Again, what else?)
Amulet: Highlord's

Getting ready to cube up my Mal, for an Oath RW in an eth Small Crescent to replace the RuneMaster. Now if it weren't for those pesky PI's... :tongue:


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Style wise, my ethereal armageddon rabies werewolf. (What a mouthful.) He does nice damage, deals with PI's, has excellent crowd control, and can turn ethereal with the help of the Treachery runeword.

Damage wise, my two handed Bererker. I had a nice rare thundermaul with some crazy %enhanced damage, and a nice speed bonus. Combine this with a maxed out, fully synergised berzerk, and a "base dexterity" barbarian, end result: 1.1k - 12k magic damage per swing, and an insane attack rating. Oh, and did I mention a scant 5k life? Very expensive to build though.

That's him in my avatar. Big manly IK Berzerker. 'nuff said.


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fishymancer of course

name: pharamon
clvl: 91
helm: shako
armor: duriel shell
belt: crafted caster belt
weapon: armpit leoric
shield: homun
ring 1: ravenfrost
ring 2: rare one
gloves: um... forgot :p
boots: marrowwalk
ammy: mara's


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my fave build hmm, i do like my fanat zealer, it was my second char and its so much fun hitting stuff fast and hard. (he had a amn'd butchers pupil). At the moment though, im using a "DC" blizzballer, she is quicky rising in lvls (86) running pindle for goodies, although not as powerful as my 92 meteorb, the instant attack of blizz makes runnign pindle easier, (although i do miss my 3 synergies plus lotsa FM fireball) she is wearing
ptopaz shako
p topaz tals armour, belt and ammy
eth occy (do i Ist it? that is the question)
35 spirit
36 war travs
36 chance guards
29 and 30 nagels
zephyr bow on switch for the run walk (hoping to find a 4os hunters bow for harmony's vigor)

so im cranking over 500mf, so yeah, i reckon she is my fav :)

Wolfgang Abenteuer said:
Typical Zealot I suppose; 20 Fanat, 20 Zeal, 20 Holy Shield, 1 Vengeance, rest in prereqs and 20 more unassigned points.

put those spare twenty in sacrifice, its zeal's synergy.


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Nabben said:
I just wonder what your favorite char is among your own chars? :smiley:

Name: Equ
Level: 82
Class: Sorceress
Build: Lightning

Helm: Shako (Um)
Amu: Maras 26
Shield: Lidless (P dia)
Boots: Waterwalk
Ring: Raven Frost
Ring: Soj
Belt: Arachnids Mesh
Gloves: Frostburn
Weapon: Hoto 39
Here's my favorite character and setup:
Name: Venus
Level: **
Class: Sorceress
Build: Tri-Elementalist
Helm: Tal's Mask
Armor: Tal's Armor
Amu: Tal's Ammy
Shield: Spirit
Boots: Waterwalk
Ring: FCR
Ring: FCR
Belt: Tal's Belt
Gloves: Magefist
Weapon: Tal's Lidless Eye

The main attack spells used are FW/L/CL/FO. I know it's not the strongest sorc build out there but it's versatile. I mainly play it to help me wind down after a long day.


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gee, I'd have to say my griswold avenger, aramis.

Griswold full set. (DoH!) Ums, ohms, Ias & min max jewels in the sockets.
String of ears.
Raven frost/crafted life leech resists ring.
Cresent moon amulet.
War travellers boots.
v1.09 sceptre with holy shield & vigor/HoZ on switch.

it's either that or my schaeferdin pally, or maybe my tal rasha sorceress, or even my Ik barb or it could be my two handed avenger and I do like my charged boltress and then there is my hammerdin who does my magic find as well as yadda yadda yadda...........

But yeah, paladins and set item builds are my favorite.


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atm i'm running my meteorb for some goodies, but my favorite class is druids (wolfdruid shifters). I have a lvl 80 fury/rabies druid named DrGreenThumb and I just loooove killing monsters with him. His gear needs major tweaks, but the meteorb will sort him out.


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Right now i only got 3 chars and i like my wind druid the best since he is really lucky, he got some good gear and right now he is going through hell with ease.

Name: Akragas
Level: 83
Class: Druid
Build: Wind

Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi
Helm: Rockstopper
Amu: +24 all res
Shield: Whitstans Guard (max block)
Boots: War Travelers
Ring: Rare +life, +str, 11 all res
Ring: +14 dex, +10 fire res +20 light res
Belt: Tgods
Gloves: Bloodfist
Weapon: Spirit

Armor: Shaftstop
Weapon: Insight (Cryptic Axe)
Helm: Rockstopper while questing, G-face when bossfighting.

My druid got alot of life (1.7k+), CR and FR above 70. LR at 85 and poison -9.

His cyclone armor gives him a 1.5k shield against elemental attacks. He got max block with very little dex invested. This together with high damage that almost no enemy can be immune to and a castable tank he is extremely tough! The downside is that Tornado is the most annoying spell in the entire game when it comes to aiming.

But i do think that a Blizzballer are alot more fun, but my lvl 76 blizzballer recently died so im going to make my druid a guardian (he is in act 3 hell) before i rebuild her.

I also like trappers alot. They are safe and fast.


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Suiling said:
Hmm.. I think the mods banned him temporaily only for that... SoJ? How he get that?
Wierd - when I read the post at first I thought "SoJ??!?!?" but I didnt want to say anything so as not to throw stones..... but I doubt many people have one in SP! Unless drop rates have changed a lot since pre 1.10!?

Anyway, my favourite ever character was a..... Hmmm, I dont know of a name for it and I cant remember what I called it at the time.... but basically mine was a frenzier barb with every piece of equipment carrying a %chance to "cast x spell" modifier on it. It was good fun, if not particularly viable in players 8 hell!! :laugh: