[Build] Witch Doctor Dot build.


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This is my DoT build for WDs, I used it in hell and before that, but have used bears more in inferno, but with sufficient gear i think its a great and viable build. I would definitely NOT use this for hardcore for the lack of direct damage, but it deals a lot of damage. Any ideas for changes to this build? I was thinking mainly towards my primary and my other defensive ability(not SW) other primaries I was thinking of were from the mana regen PD rune, firebomb, and rain of toads(which may not go so well with peircing veil), and for defense wall of zombies, grasp of the dead, and maybe hex. Any thoughts on some changes or maybe something I didnt notice?


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If you're going to make a dot build I think you have to go with Locust Swarm as opposed to Acid Cloud / Grasp / Phantasm. I haven't used CC items with dots yet, but that would seem to be the way to go with either Fire Pit or Rain of Toads. The mechanics of Locust Swarm make it superior to other dots for the amount of mana it costs.

And the inability to slow enemies to keep them stuck in Acid Cloud / Grasp / Phantasm makes those abilities less effective. Although like I said, I haven't tried using CC items yet. Perhaps if you have a lot of CC you can keep enemies trapped inside the Acid Cloud dot. But still the mana cost is too high for the amount of damage it does.

I'm not sure if the Acid Rain dot stacks actually. Of course Blizzard said that dots don't stack, but Phantasm does. Phantasm seems the best out of the static dots.

Haunt doesn't seem very useful outside of elite packs because it's not an AoE, but I think that Grasping Spirit could be worth taking just to kite elites easier.

But still the problem remains that monsters generally move too fast to use dots that just stay on the floor. Acid Rain can increase the area to 24 yards, but in particular, the damage that Acid Cloud does isn't enough. I've seen people go with Lob Blob Bomb which is a good idea because the slimes will all do damage I think, and you can have a lot of them out at once.

But I'm not sure to what extent you can stack the base dot from Acid Rain.