Wisp HoW/oath swap or Nature's peace/Hoto Swap


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I remember during 1.10 you could use a say noneth Oath and summon the spirit and then use a wisp and remove Oath and the spirit would stay(the lvl 16). But afaik when they fixed the marrows bug that also went away

here is a reference, for example

is it still possible to somehow like summon a lvl 16 HoW from Oath and swap to a wisp projector ring or something while keeping the lvl 16 spirit but without the Oath equipped?


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No, not in 1.14

Same with revive and Harmony bow on switch

I do think that Valkyrie from Harmony is still up if you switch though... not sure


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If it uses charges it should stay up.
If it's an oskill it will poof when you switch.
At least that's how I remember it.


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I did some reseach, minions and passive skills from charges or oskills, does NOT stay active of item is removed/switched.


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I just tried this with my Oathmancer for [charges] Sept, but never bothered with wisp.
Charges of Iron Golem were nice, but not really that beneficial. I didn't want to make IG out of anything expensive, since I don't have any hard points. However, IG didn't immediately poof on switch. When I needed to use Khalim Flail etc, HoW would poof instantly, but IG stuck around.