Wire Fleece Enigma?


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Well, I've been playing for quite a while now. And, I've never really had the use for an Enigma, because I don't do much single-target running. But, now that I'm playing a Revive Necro, I don't think I can deal with the summons constantly poofing..

I think most people make Enigma in BP/MP? or possibly DS? I'm curious, on which classes people mostly use their Enigmas? Because:
  • BP - I HATE the look on Barbarian. Pally, Necro, Sin, Sorc, not great either.
  • MP - I dislike the look on Barb, Necro, Sorc.
  • DS - I dislike the look on Barb, Necro, Assassin
Studded Leather is probably my favorite look overall:
  • Red color for Amazon
  • Leather look on Paladin
  • Sorc should either be full cloth, or full metal. None of this BP/Chain Mail look..
  • Necro, Druid, Barb all look good to me
  • I like the red pants on Sin, but that's only for heaviest armors..
So.. Studded Leather it is! .. Wait, only 2os. Ok.. Trellised Armor it is! Oh.. still 2os.. o_O

Wire fleece? - 111 Str requirement is pretty steep.. Has anybody made one of these? Did you regret it? I'm guessing I will use more for the "weaker" characters as well. Zon, Druid, Necros, where I need to move summons around. For Pally/Barb it may not be as much of an issue.

Edit: Looking through the armor graphics some more. I think Wyrmhide is acceptable. Not my favorite looks, but also nothing terrible. I believe some people have made Wyrmhide Enigmas? STR requirement is much easier to swallow.

Edit2: Looking even more.. Ring Mail doesn't look too bad. It's not one of the light armors, but not sure how important that is when you have TP anyway. I'd miss out on the Red Amazon look. But, Necro looks better, Assassin has pants, Paladin isn't a tin can.. Nice easy STR requirement.
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Light Plate is where my first Enigma always goes. Gothic Plate looks best on all characters except Pally. Downside is 70 str req. and medium armor type.


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What’s not to like about the thigh high boot look on the Assassin?
Tin can is the way to go on the Paladin. John Boorman’s Excalibur ftw. I would go Kraken Shell for a Paladin personally, but that really is crazy strength.

Joking apart, you are unlikely to use Enigma on a sorc, so you can rule her out. I don’t actually see much difference between light plate and studded leather types myself.

I wouldn’t go for anything heavier than a Dusk Shroud.

@srrw Gothic Plate = Red trousers on the Assassin. Yuk.


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Check out the Silver Can Amazon you get from Tigulated Mail Enigma :cool: Next best thing is Ring Mail where she still has orange on her arms. (and only 36 str)

Difference between gold and silver amazon should be obious when you look at her from different perspectives ;)


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What are the top "runners" people use Enigma for?
Barb - Trav + Pits
Hammerdin - CS
Poison Necro - Cows
LF Zon - Cows


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I love Ring Mail on Barbarian. I once made a barb purely for looks, he had a Bone Helm, Grim Scythe and Ring Mail. This was no Enigma, but the Increased Speed passive somewhat made up for the movement speed penalty of RM.

No regrets! The game's more fun when you're killing baddies while looking like an absolute badass.

Edit: :eek:

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My vote is always functionality over looks. BP ensures you'll be able to wear it when you want to on any character you build. You've been playing a long time, so maybe you have enough runes to where you're regret proof and it doesn't matter. If not, my vote is BP. Looks good enough to me.


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What are the top "runners" people use Enigma for?
Don't know how precise I could be, but... everything! Sorceress is an exception, but even on Nova sorc I use Enigma for cows due to lpk modification and more HP which seems better than any other alternative.

Sorc aside, I don't know which character is better without Enigma for any area and any type of running unless it's a goldfind character (Wealth armor) or some full clear bowazon or something like that. Even then using Enigma to position merc to trigger that massive buff in a Decrepify curse is stronger than wearing Fortitude and waiting for merc to lag behind. Maybe if it is some WF bowa who uses Faith merc. I mean even then I'd value positional power of Enigma more than anything any other armor could provide.

When it comes to efficient farming, Diablo 2 is one dimensional. It's either Enigma, or it's weaker farming. With honorable exception in a sorc and goldfind characters as I mentioned. Maybe for some special type of running I'm not aware of at the moment.

As for base, Wyrmhide is fine for any character who plans on using Spirit as a shield. If looks is priority, then any base is fine really, except for those super massive strength ones.


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Don't know how precise I could be, but... everything!
While I'm not sure if any such mf-build exists, any Were-form chars wouldn't really get much from 'Enigma'...

Scaling +str, FRW, and LPK. That's what a were-form char would get from 'Enigma', so still best in slot...

Statement withdrawn
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Only scenario I can think of for a farming non-Sorc build without Enigma is some kind of Pindle runner. Enigma is still better, but for Pindle maybe it’s "only" 20% slower without it. Though probably that’s not true either because in my mind I assume the huge FRW bonus from a certain armor... yeah, OP. :D